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King Charles says goodbye to the throne?  Alarm: “He risks disappearing”

King Charles says goodbye to the throne? Alarm: “He risks disappearing”

King Charles there is a problem. A few months after his coronation, the 74-year-old’s throne will be in danger. According to royal experts, the UK’s new monarch will aspire, in vain, to follow in the UK’s footsteps. Queen Elizabethbut he will not be able to “communicate” with his subjects for a long time A little sympathy And maybe for Age factor. Also, there is camilla, She’s not very interested in being queen. Carlo’s wife, 76, would not be inclined to travel far from home for corporate reasons.

There is an alarm on King Charles’ throne

According to royal expert Tom Power: Camilla is not the monarchy’s biggest supporter; I don’t think she really likes being queen. I think he knows that there is a large remnant of the British people who resent his presence. “This constitutes a kind of obstacle for Charles himself.” the only Camilla’s positive point is that she makes King Charles happy: “However, that is not a good reason to be queen. There will come a time when the monarchy needs to step up its efforts and engage with the public rather than just going to the Highland Games.”

King Charles is in danger of disappearing

Another royal observer, Clive Irving, made a more radical prediction: Carlo is in danger of disappearing. Since the next day Coronation in Westminster AbbeyThe king’s approval ratings gradually declined among his subjects, until they gave way to indifference. What’s even more telling now is that, a year later, it’s become surprisingly clear how good the Queen is at her job and has been It is not enough. While the mother is very good at doing this, the son is unable to communicate with people.”