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Kate Middleton suffers from cancer and the crucial role (behind the scenes) of mother Carole

Kate Middleton suffers from cancer and the crucial role (behind the scenes) of mother Carole

Carole Middleton is Kate's “true strength after her trauma diagnosis.” cancer». He said that toindependent A source close to the royal family explained that the mother of the Princess of Wales, in such a difficult moment, Sta Play an essential role behind the scenes“For her daughter to her husband William And to their children: “Carole is the driving force that keeps the family together with the utmost humility,” the insider said: “In recent months we have always It was occupied by George, Charlotte and LouisShe took them to school and school sports activities and gave them endless support. She was the real Mary Poppins. His actions stand in stark contrast to those who express their support only from afar.” The source describes sixty-nine-year-old Carole as the one who provided assistance and reassurance to the young family: “When Kate and William faced the news that they had cancer, Carole was their true rock».

She is sixty-nine years old, lives with her husband Michael a few kilometers from Adelaide House where the Princes of Wales reside and, according to the British press, “has been at the head of the family” since Kate was admitted to hospital for abdominal surgery last January. . In recent months, he has done everything he can to provide a tangible helping hand. Despite her strength and courage, Carol is still a mother who discovered her daughter had cancer. An item highlighted by Jenny Bond, a journalist from BBC Royal expert: “Everyone knows that Carole and Kate have Very strong bond. Throughout these years, the lady has been an essential presence for the princess and the children. Today, Catherine is 42 years old, but to Carole she is still “her little girl.”“Seeing her face the disease, while at the same time resisting constant media pressure, was not easy.”

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No, it must not have been easy for Carol to swallow, in addition to the diagnosis no mother wants to receive, the conspiracy theories that had left her daughter for dead in recent weeks. “I think the lady,” she said. Bond “is suffering greatly because of the false news about my daughter’s health.” The fake news that has not subsided – it cannot be said – not even after the video message in which Kate announced to the world that she had cancer. Some went so far as to say it was “produced by artificial intelligence.”

Fantasy theories aside, Mother Carol is facing one of the worst periods of her life. But those who know her well say that it is precisely in such a difficult moment that she uses all her strength. He does everything he can to help. For example, by ensuring that George, Charlotte and Louis, despite their mother's illness, maintain their household The usual routine. The British press had already reported in recent months that Carole was alternating with the nanny Maria Teresa Torreón BorralloSo he went “to pick up the young princes from school and accompany them to many places.” Extracurricular and sporting activities”. On the other hand, Carol has often been described as “Beloved grandmother» Little George, Charlotte and Louis. A grandmother who is present more than ever in the most difficult moments.