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Criticize the private jet? reaction

Chiara Ferragni and Videz ended up at the center of the controversy once again. What happened this time? The two used a private jet to get to Puglia, where they will spend a few days of vacation and on social media, the gesture was not much appreciated: Ferragni immediately replied on Instagram.

Chiara Ferragni NS videos They always manage to get attention, for better or worse. For the couple, there is never a shortage of controversy and criticism: this time everything must be linked to the trip from Milan to Puglia they took a few days before. the VergneseIn fact, accompanied by a group of friends who chose to spend a few days of relaxation, leaving them on their planes A private jet.

Since the two, as usual, share every moment of their daily lives, they enjoyed showing you some funny pictures of a tripThis angers a lot of people on social media. As in the past a Sonia Bruganelli And Paulo Bonolis, the fact of traveling on a private plane Always causing controversy!

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Chiara Ferragni: Responding to criticism

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Chiara Ferragni NS videos, In fact, in the past few hours they found themselves in first place among the Twitter Trends Italy precisely because of the discussion that started regarding their choice and choice A private jet. Several negative comments reached the couple:

“lamprivate plane For an internal flight, you can also save! We are in the midst of a climate crisis and it is people like you who are causing the most damage by flaunting your dream life on social media.”

While he was in the hotel room where he spends these days off, Chiara Ferragni he has reaction For criticism of her husband on Twitter. The influencer actually posted a story in which he rolls his eyes with a visibly enlarged face. Upset And tired of all the criticism you receive on a daily basis. “I am the one who opened Twitter“, he wrote Chiara Ferragni, Referring specifically to when this happened on social media.

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