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Juventus and Napoli are at risk of referral for an administrative offense

Juventus and Napoli are at risk of referral for an administrative offense

The two big clubs, out of the 11 that received a FIFA notice to close investigations, should risk a small fine.

Eleven Serie A clubs risk referral in the capital gains case, including Juventus and Napoli, who will have 15 days to prepare the defense briefs and decide whether to be heard. At this point, the decision, which consists either in a sports indictment before the Federal Court or in the archives, will be made. For the two big names in Italian football, a minor administrative offense punishable by a fine has been assumed (Except for more serious penalties in terms of UEFA licenses). But the investigation notice also relates to the alleged violation of Section 4 of the Sports Justice Act: in this case, one or more points in the ranking can also be penalized.

In addition to Napoli and Juventus, the notification from FIFA also reached Empoli, Sampdoria, Genoa, Pisa, Parma, Pro Vercelli, Pescara and also Novara and Chievo, two clubs that are no longer affiliated. The completed work under the OTP lens concerns three sports seasons: 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

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In case of capital gains, FIFA closes investigation: notification reaches eleven clubs

62 deals ended in the range of Kovesuk and Consop, and of these deals, 42 deals from Juventus. As for Naples, Operation Osimene ended under the eye of the storm. Indeed, in the Maxi operation that brought the Nigerian from Lille to Naples, there were four Azzurri players: third goalkeeper Orestes Karnesis and three Primavera players (Claudio Manzi, Luigi Liguori and Ciro Palmieri). The total valuation of the four players was just over €20 million: a cost that was deemed prohibitive for players who boasted few, if not some, appearances among the professionals in the third division.

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