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Jerry Scotty, Heartbreaking Goodbyes | There was nothing to be done, and the “health problems” were too great


Jerry Scotty Linea, Diretta 24

Conductor Jerry Scotty lets himself go to a troubling confession about his past: He’s been forced to turn down an important proposal.

Jerry Scotty He has a long career behind him that consists of projects that have all turned out to be hits. Likewise, his present is filled with contentment thanks to a whole series of commitments that keep him at the center of attention.

Also in the near future they are coming for him Great satisfy This is thanks to some long-awaited confirmations and some new projects that have been waiting to be realized for some time.

Despite all these positive aspects, In the past for the well-known conductor, however, there is a small disappointment Any offer too important but he had to turn it down.

Jerry Scotty, Commitments Past and Future: Exciting Indiscretions

The famous leader in the past has released some formats that have become hits and undoubtedly one of them word of mouth And Who wants to be a millionaire?. A career that has continued to date my silence He is on top of the appointment with free fall He is a judge Tu Si Que Vales. From next September he will be at the helm I sing And wheel of fortune which will be back on the air after many years off.

So a whole series of good news in light of the next few months and that’s the same Uncle Jerry He inhabited a recent interview with microphones television. During the same interview, the conductor told when he was forced to decline an offer for San Remo Festival.

Jerry Scotty's Sad Confession
Jerry Scotty Linea, Diretta 24

Sanremo Festival, Scotti’s Quarter: A Painful Refusal

As we said during the interview, he then spoke about a whole series of times he was forced to turn down one of the most attractive offers of his career: “I have been asked several times to drive a Sanremo but had to say no. Once for health problems and once for work commitments. So the conductor of the orchestra was one step away from the helm of the twice-famous Italian musical event.

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Despite this, the train conductor has not yet given up hope:Who knows if there is no other occasion“. So Scotty seems determined not to give up just yet, and looking into the future he isn’t ruling out the possibility. It should be emphasized that in 2024 it will remain so Amadeus on head festival While in light of the future, nothing has been decided yet.


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