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Sharon Stone, topless at 64 on Instagram: ‘Imperfect with gratitude’

Sharon Stone She left a little to the imagination of her over 3 million Instagram followers by sharing her photo. And at 64 she’s simply gorgeous.

Sharon Stone, the perfect topless

Sharon Stone He found relief from the heat by spending the day poolside and took the opportunity to take pictures of himself topless, a shot he immediately posted on his Instagram profile, which impressed his fans. She writes: “With gratitude minus the whole day.” But There is very little imperfection here.

The image in question is represented Basic instinct She was photographed standing by the pool. just wear Green leopard print bikini bottoms, while the breast is half covered with a white and mint striped cloth. To make everything even more inconvenient, wear some long necklaces that enhance the chest area. At the age of sixty-four, a topless, envious SharonFlat stomach and legs. Her platinum blonde hair shines in the sun, while she laughs with her gaze shielded by glasses, as she heads toward the sky.

Thousands of compliments on this picture, and also full of irony and spontaneity, typical of a beautiful woman who is aware of herself and her body, even when the doors have been bypassed for some time. Among the comments we read simple: “legend”, “the highest perfection”, “a beautiful person”. And again: “You are naturally gorgeous and beautiful, women your age undergo surgery to make you look half as beautiful as you ❤️”. “Really icon”, “I am trying to find the imperfection”, “You still give us everything, do not stop”, “I love you”, “I am still perfect”.

Someone thanks Sharon for seeing them in this photo life lesson: “Accepting our aging bodies is hard. Thank you for showing us that we are beautiful no matter how old we are or what life has done to our bodies. We are still beautiful and beautiful.”

Sharon Stone’s mom, how many children does she have?

Not long ago, the actress posted the smiling photo of Rowan, the son she adopted in 2000 with her ex-husband, Phil Bronstein, whom she separated after only 4 years in 2004. Sharon adopted two more children, Laird Vaughn in 2005 and Quinn. Kelly in 2006.

In an interview two years ago, a in style He declared that his greatest achievement was that to become a mother. “I am proud to be a mother.” She also recounted how she decided to educate them and raise their awareness: “Tell them about the things I have been through or the things that have hurt me so that they understand how the world can attack women, so that they may be knights among men.”

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