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“It’s not driving me crazy, it’s a very clear change.”


Federica Calemme reveals her thoughts on the new edition of Big Brother.

the Big brother You have now entered the heart of the game. To comment on A new version of the reality show Canale 5 hosted by Alfonso Signorini My ex Jevina took care of it Federica Calemie Who was the guest of the last episode of Casa Sdl, also told how he is getting on Love story with Gianmaria Antinolfi.

Federica Kalem and words about gf

Federica Calemie He gave a long interview to Casa Sdl, the web format hosted by Gabriele Barbiglia and Giovanna Abate, where he commented on the new edition of Big brother And he said How are things going with her boyfriend Gianmaria AntinolfiWhom he met in the famous Casa di Cinecittà:

With Gianmaria all is well, all is well, we carry on. In December, we’ve been together for two years, which feels like a lifetime. Disadvantages of Gianmaria? Let’s say it doesn’t have any major flaws, but maybe it’s a little too organized, a little too perfect. The rest is great and has no flaws. The “new” gf? I watched the first two episodes specifically to see the change in format, it’s like going back to the origins so I was curious and saw that. It doesn’t drive me crazy but it’s true that there are ordinary people who are not VIPs, but it doesn’t drive me crazy, it’s a very clear change. I like Rebecca, she’s young and fit, and she’s not bad.

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The chapter is closed gfthe Kalim We talked about Hello Darwin. For those who don’t know, Jevina’s ex was also one of the well-known faces on the previous edition of the show hosted by Paolo Bonolis:

I have a great memory, that was my first appearance on television. So it’s a program that I really love and we’re the ones who work in it. It was pretty versus ugly and I was among the pretty ones. I enjoyed it very much. What if I was offered the role of Mother Nature? Maybe I applied some time ago, got cast and maybe got rejected. Maybe because I was already involved so I was already seen.

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