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Italian Cup: Roma trembles but reaches the quarter-finals, and now Lazio – Football

Italian Cup: Roma trembles but reaches the quarter-finals, and now Lazio – Football

Still trembling at Cremonese, the gypsies chase them but in the end they rejoice. They won 2-1 in the return leg against the Lombardy B side, who eliminated them last year, and reached the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia, thus giving themselves a challenge against Lazio on 10 January.

But there was no shortage of fear at the Stadio Olimpico Because Mourinho's team was eliminated for 70 minutes by the Lombards, only to find another reaction in the last 15 minutes of the match. First Lukaku, then Dybala with a contested penalty kick The opponents responded to Tsadgout's goal in the first half, negating the nightmare of a movie that had already been seen.

Cremonesi advanced with the only real chance he had. The Capitoline team made a mistake on the way out, conceding a 0-1 goal to Sadgot, freezing the Stadio Olimpico, sold for the 45th time under Mourinho. At the end of the first half, the Giallorossi found themselves forced to chase after 45 minutes spent in review above all due to the great aggression of the two teams.

Twenty minutes later, Barreto booked 4 Struppa players (Castaneti, Giglione, Antoff and Rafanelli), ending the first half of the match with six warnings, in addition to Llorente and Celique.

So the regret in Rome is also due to missed opportunitiesnotably the untapped brace in the 29th minute, when Belotti allowed a shot from close range to be saved by Jongdahl, but was lucky to rebound given Pellegrini hit the crossbar.

In the second half, Mourinho turned everything upside down: Dybala, Zalewski and Christensen enter, versus Belotti, Celique and Llorente. Roma switched to a back four, but no longer had any midfielders on the field, while Stroup responded with the additions of Meyer and Bianchetti in place of Giglione and Toia. Cremonese is suffering from pressure from the Giallorossi, who, before scoring the equalizer with Lukaku, also crossed El Shaarawy's cross. In fact, the score reached 1-1 to Big Room fifteen minutes from time, when Mourinho also sent Azmoun onto the pitch, torpedoing every tactical scheme.

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The end of the match is an attack on the home team's blade Which is embodied in the penalty kick awarded by Spinazzola after Cernicola’s mistake. In VAR, they checked Barreto's call and confirmed it, Dybala took a penalty kick and made no mistake, scoring 2-1 and giving the team the quarter-final against Lazio.

But while waiting for the derby, Thiago Pinto is trying to work on giving Mourinho the centre-back the Giallorossi need. In the last few hours, the list of players followed by Roma also includes a list Dean Howesen Juventus. Roma's reconnaissance, when it appeared that the player was now heading on loan to Frosinone, changed the cards on the table. But time will still be needed to do that with Atalanta and with Lazio, it will always be up to Cristante to play at centre-forward, where Mourinho will have Mancini back.

Mourinho: I don't know how we will reach the derby, but we are united

“I don't know how we will get to the derby. We will have a very important match on Sunday. We are similar but united.” Jose Mourinho said this when commenting on the 2-1 win over Cremonese which gave Roma victory Quarter-final against Lazio on January 10.

He added: “If Lukaku has to play in the heart of defence, he will do it. Let's use everything we have with respect to the club and the fans. Before Lazio there is Atalanta,” and Paredes is included in a reservation. I don't know. How will we reach the derby, but we will give everything to everyone, even to the fans.”

Then, on his return this evening, he concluded: “We need to respect the difficulties we face, and for everything we offer. I don’t think any team in Italy has won a match without a single central defender. Maybe yes, but it’s difficult. We are.” “We are all united and we always give our best. I am happy, but it is difficult like this. It was a big risk, but we had to take it. When you do not have central defenders, it is better to play with three players, when we switch to four defenders.” Two centers are Christian and Christensen.

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