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Green Lantern – CR7 Let’s know… Arthur tell you

Wait nervous, don’t you think? The entire HCL Club and, therefore, all HCL personnel are anxiously awaiting CR7’s decision. After being left out of Euro 2020 (sad I enjoyed his exit from the arena), the Portuguese is furious. In his (supposedly) European country, he was sent home by Lukaku who also snatched the scudetto from him. Unacceptable for someone who thrives on challenges and motivation… However, dear CR7, there are millions of people who would be grateful if you told us your intentions for next season (which actually starts in less than two months). Until the future of the Golden Ball becomes clear five times, everything will remain in place … Now even the Ticino River Stones know this. Two options remain. The first sees Cristiano Ronaldo honor his contract, worth €31m net, with Juventus. One last trip together to try to win something big, to break up with a smile. The second option: someone guarantees him the same salary and more chances of winning (especially in the Champions League) and we say goodbye a year in advance (always with a smile on his face). There will be a third way: reduce the attachment to a new contract for at least two years. It’d also be smart, but the numbers on hand, aren’t favorable for CR7…
Since there is no certainty, we go for sensations… mine? It’s still Juventus and Allegri will have to transform himself into a magician to find him the right role in the new Juventus… It won’t be easy, both for Allegri but also for CR7, who used to be the undisputed king…
In short, we reported CR7 … instead, Juventus will let Arthur know something … I have already expressed myself several times about it: the Brazilian is a decent player, like Ramsay and Rabiot. Juventus must be able to count, especially in midfield, on excellent players, not conservative translators for the role. the problem? Arthur cannot be sold. You need an offer of at least 35 million euros or an exchange at high prices. There is talk of a lot of interest from PSG (but how many players does the Parisian team have?) but for now, it will only be talk. In short, Arthur’s situation is not going to be easy, it feels almost impossible. So what? So, Juventus will stay and Allegri will have to transform himself into a magician to find him the right role in the new Juventus… Am I wrong or do I think I’ve repeated myself?
Jokes aside, ultimate confidence in Allegri. He will really have a lot of work to do, especially in terms of human relationships. Fortunately, Max is at this number one! However, I am convinced that Allegri will find a way to beat his team. Of course, if the company could save him some trouble, that would be even better, right?

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