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It sounds strange, but the cause of dry skin and itchy legs may be this unexpected habit


Who has not experienced persistent and annoying itchy skin? This problem can occur especially on the skin of the extremities, especially the legs, and is more frequent in winter.

If the itching is accompanied by other symptoms, or is so severe that the skin bleeds and breaks, it is clearly a good idea to seek medical attention. But if it is a minor nuisance, with no other consequences, we can try to treat it at home as well. But unfortunately it is not enough just to treat, it is also necessary to prevent it. And not many know that among the main causes of dry and itchy extremities is very common and unexpected misconduct. Let’s see what it is.

It sounds strange, but the cause of dry skin and itchy legs may be this unexpected habit

Sometimes, without knowing it, we can make matters worse when it comes to home remedies for minor annoyances. Itching is one of them. In fact, many assume incorrect behavior, which, instead of helping us resolve the situation, may exacerbate the discomfort. But what behavior are we talking about? This is theThe habit of washing or showering frequently. That’s right: It sounds weird, but too much water, rather than hydrating the skin and relieving dryness, may make it worse. This happens because in fact the water, along with the soaps and detergents we use to wash ourselves, risks stripping away the skin’s natural oils, which maintain its elasticity and hydration. In this way, baths and showers may aggravate the situation. It sounds strange, but the cause of dry skin and itchy legs may be this unexpected habit. Let’s see the best behavior to keep.

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Bathing too frequently and too hot can cause dry, itchy skin

Dry and itchy skin, especially on the legs and arms, is especially common in the cold season. This happens for various reasons: in winter we tend to take warm showers and use tight, opaque clothes, which can irritate the skin. Furthermore, the air tends to be drier, and therefore our skin is less hydrated. For all these reasons, it is advisable to resist the temptation to take very frequent and very hot showers. Let us also remember to always moisturize the skin with cream or oil after bathing, and not to wear clothes that are not too tight at home at least. This is a tip: To treat dry skin in winter, we use this trick while showering.

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