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Logic test, guess what shape it is in its final form

Logic test, guess what shape it is in its final form

In this metaphorical logic test, you are asked to find out which cube corresponds to the developing shape. Will you be able to locate it?

There are many ways to pass the time when you have a few hours or even several days to devote to yourself. Usually, in fact, our days are characterized by constant commitments, repetitive and sometimes very boring activities. However, these daily commitments set the hours and keep us busy so that we don’t get the usual boredom on days when we skip the division into hours and activities.

Perhaps fans of the letter devote themselves to a good book left aside for so long, those in the cinema to take back all those films or TV series they left behind, those in video game To reduce backlog that becomes more consistent with age and with increased liabilities. However, no matter how many emotions we may have, there will always come a point in the day when we feel tired from the usual things and look for an activity that can distract our brain from thoughts and tiredness.

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Logic test: Which cube equals the developing shape?

Once upon a time, Puzzle Week was the main pastime for those who wanted to keep their minds trained. Inside there are puzzles, general knowledge quizzes, memory games, visual and logical games and all activities that require concentration and knowledge. A few years ago, Sudoku is different now in fact, a numerical game that has kept you busy searching for the right combination of numbers. But for some time now, reasoning tests that can be found on social media have been in fashion.

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One of the most interesting things about this period is about determining the correct cube. As you can see from the image above, there is still a decomposing shape and many complete cubes below. We have to guess what cube the decomposing shape will form once it’s completed. did you find it?


What can be confusing about this test is the placement of the numbers. If they are spatially positioned while in the decomposed form, none of the cubes below will be equal. For this you have to let your imagination run wild and try to rotate the cube to find the right solution. In this sense, the answer index is number 1. That is why the solution can only be B: in this cube the number 1 is in the opposite direction and justifies the presence of 4 on the right side and 7 on the top. Without it being rotated, Figure 4 would appear on the left and 7 below, in the only position where it would not be able to be seen.