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“It looks like he wants to hide something…”: Raffaella Cara’s last gesture


Raffaella Cara He knew he was ending his days on this earth and probably didn’t want to leave without making one last great gesture of generosity, as so many in his life had done. To say this was the Facebook profile of the brothers Mercy To Porto Santo Stefano, who wanted the day after Cara’s disappearance to reveal what had happened a few weeks earlier in the notary’s office in Rome, complete with photographs as evidence of the facts.

It would have been difficult to recognize Raffaella Cara had it not been for the famous blonde bob that marked her career from the 1970s onwards. Dark glasses and a face mask, the showgirl took that photo with Roberto Ceroli, the ruler of mercy, may realize that it was his last public image. He did not want to suffer from the disease that was keeping him away.

He called me a few days ago: ‘Roberto, I’m Raffaella, I thought of one thing: I’d like to give you one of my property that I own in Porto S. Stefano. You can do your activities with her…’. Something: You won’t let me. There will be talented His box of more than 160 square meters in Porto S. Stefano on Via Panoramica‘,” reads the note posted on Facebook. It wasn’t the first time Cara had exploded with generosity toward the sibling. For her, Porto S. Stefano was her good rhythm, her very private sanctuary, a place where she felt safe and protected from the world when she wanted to spend some moments for herself.

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Roberto Ceroli’s story of Misericordia continues in Porto Santo Stefano: “We met her in Rome at the notary. Even there, his presence is distinguished by hospitality, availability and sweetness. He had a lot of conversations with us and as we mentioned kind of thanks, he was always misleading the conversationSo, those feelings:Despite his usual dynamism, he kept wearing dark glasses and an appropriate mask: he seemed to want to To hide Something … and perhaps, in light of this tragedy, I think he wanted to keep his ugly secret to himself and not show it to anyone.“.

Raffaella Carrà has not revealed to anyone that she developed a cancer pulmonary. Only the closest people knew about it, the rest were hidden by the showgirl, who in this way wanted to preserve the memory of her art without withholding it from that of illness. “We simply said goodbye to a souvenir that he almost didn’t want to take‘, adds Roberto Ceroli, who then revealed one of the details:To my question: “Madam, may I make a small statement to announce this donation?”. “No Roberto, this is not the time…”. And with his evasive attitude, he made me understand that we’ll have to wait a while to say it“.


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