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ISEE and DSU: There is a big difference that many don’t know about and make mistakes

ISEE and DSU: There is a big difference that many don’t know about and make mistakes

ISEE and DSU are acronyms that are often mentioned when asking for awards or subsidies. It is often confused with this difference.

At the beginning of each year, one often hears about ISEE renewal or submit to DSU for rewards or perks.

Are ISEE and DSU the same thing? (Info today. It)

Often The terms are muddled Rather, the difference is significant because they are both documents that work to help people or families in difficult economic circumstances.

ISEE and DSU certification: that’s the difference

To understand the differences between the two acronyms, it is necessary to start from the definitions. ISEE means Equivalent economic situation index; In practice it is necessary to determine the economic situation to The whole family Including income and assets.

ISEE and DSU: Here are the differences between the two documents

In practice, measure family wealth levelThe lower the value, the greater the need for financial assistance. Indeed, in some circumstances the law recognizes rewards, privileges, or economic benefits to families that do not exceed a certain ISEE threshold.

This year there are many A recognized bonus for families with a low ISEEfor example if the value is inside i:

  • €10,000: Bonus Spectacles;
  • 15 thousand euros: A new shopping card of €382.50;
  • 15 thousand euros: electricity / gas bonus or within 30 thousand euros for large families;
  • €40,000: home bonus for young people under 36;
  • 50,000 euros as a reward for a psychiatrist.

To receive some rewards, recipients will have to submit an application; As for others, it will be automatically cashed. L’ISEE Certificate They can be used not only for state, regional or municipal rewards but also To limit access to certain care services.

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L’DSU abbreviationRather, it means Individual replacement declaration. In short, it is the document that contains all the Information about the nucleus of the family which will then be used to calculate the ISEE. Therefore, it contains both personal data and data on income and assets and everything that is needed to determine the ISEE value.

Please note that i DSU data must refer to the previous two years Submit it but must be current family at the time of application. Therefore, the DSU is the document to be completed first and from which the ISEE information will then be obtained: Without DSU there is no ISEE.

Documents expire

Also, both Documents expire on December 31 of each year It must be renewed by submitting documents to CAF, sponsorship or INPS. The latter is the governing body and for several years has been on the INPS website Pre-compiled ISEE model.

Understanding the distinction between DSU and ISEE is important because to access some rewards, it is necessary to attach to the ISEE. If the DSU showed up, there was a risk of wasting not only time but also economic relief.