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Is brisk walking really good?  Here's the truth

Is brisk walking really good? Here’s the truth

It is also called vigorous walking or more active walking. Let’s try to understand what it is.

Brisk walking: is it good for you? (Pixabay)

to walk It’s something that unites us all, but if we do activism on a higher level Athlete Certainly our bodies benefit greatly. the conditions Walking or walking power They are specifically used to refer to a longer march Energetic.

If we practice more steps per minute, the level body mass and levelsInsulin take advantage of it The active walks So it helps to burn more Calories But we can also take a quieter walk.

when you exercise walking power until the arm moving at an angle 90 degrees To allow the momentum of the body. It is necessary to place the plant well Presented On the floor from heel to toe. In this way both of heart that all the body They are in business.

For the heart and body, the benefits of walking traditionally and with greater force

Depending on time that we have, we can choose whether to walk more quickly and then walking power Or decide to do one traditional walking.

In the first case, we will burn more Calories in less time. In the second case, however, being the slowest march we’ll use more time in combustion. either way heart at work.

when we are in The first stage Training is better to do one traditional walking Avoid physical fatigue but definitely improve body resistance. Gradually you can increase Speed Walking increases the benefits of walking.

walking power
Energy Walk (PowerWalkingClub)

The walking power Being faster allows heart To work harder and therefore it is a cure for all Cardiovascular system. muscles hurry And that hamstringskidnappership or bump Which thigh muscles They participate in both types of walking.

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What guarantee walking power In addition to traditional walking, the upper part of the BackThe shoulders Which Radfan since until arm They move while walking. In this way both ofEquilibrium that More of physical benefit.

The muscles They come out noticeably proportioned during their most active walks. there traditional walking Focuses more on lower from the body.

Walking is the best possible exercise. Get used to walking long distances. (Thomas Jefferson)