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Irregular immigrants, Finland closes the last border crossing with Russia

Irregular immigrants, Finland closes the last border crossing with Russia

Finland also closed its last border crossing with Russia, Raja-Giuseppe, in Lapland, outside the Arctic Circle. Prime Minister Petri Orbo announced this at a press conference. Helsinki took this decision after an increase in the influx of illegal immigrants coming from third countries, especially from the Middle East. The most isolated border crossing will remain closed for an initial period of two weeks. For transportation of goods, Vainikala railway station will be opened on the south-eastern border. Finland will continue to monitor its borders with Russia to decide whether to extend the closure within two weeks or not. This was stated by Finnish Foreign Minister Elena Valtonen upon her arrival on the second day of the NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Brussels. He added: “We are also monitoring the situation carefully regarding the news that reaches us from the other side, what is happening on the Russian side. Then we will evaluate how to proceed and whether it is necessary to extend the measure.” He added: “Right now, it takes two weeks, and of course, we would like to return to normal life, keeping the border crossings open and making sure that both sides, especially Russia in this case, return to our usual practice of not allowing people to pass through. People who do not have documents.” Valid travel.

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During the meeting with his NATO counterparts in Brussels, Minister Antonio Tajani held a bilateral meeting with his Finnish counterpart Elina Valtonen, who showed interest in Italy’s migration policy. Tajani also explained during a press statement, “There will be joint communication with Finland on common concerns regarding immigration issues, and an attempt to insist on strengthening Frontex.” He then declared that “from this point of view, the Italian position still enjoys consensus among our interlocutors.” He explained: “We focused on the Frontex issue, on the situation of migrants coming from the Middle East and on those who are pushed by Russia to go to Finland. That is why they closed the borders.” Tajani concluded: “There is the same danger for us as well. There may also be Wagner initiatives to push migrants towards the northern Mediterranean, and therefore towards Italy. We have faced this problem as well.”

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