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Ireland: Population back to over 5 million after 800 famines

(ANSA) – LONDON, Sep 01 – The Irish population has crossed 5 million for the first time since the Great Famine that struck the Emerald Isle in the 19th century. The National Institute of Statistics (CSO) announced that this milestone was reached last April. To obtain a figure similar to this, one must return to the census taken in 1851, when the population was 5.11 million. The calculation was made taking into account only the population of the present-day Republic of Ireland. If we consider the island as a whole, with Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom), there were 6.6 million people in 1851, while today their number is 6.9 million. The growth in recent years has been possible due to two factors: the positive demographic balance and the contribution made by immigration.

The Great Famine, known in English as the “Great Famine” (1845-1852), was one of the most traumatic periods in Irish history. In 1840, the island’s population exceeded 8 million before a series of factors, including overpopulation and a pathology capable of destroying potato cultivation, plunged the country (then an integral part of the United Kingdom) into an even blacker crisis, with About a million deaths. People and immigration abroad for millions of Irish. The republic’s population continued to decline through most of the twentieth century through immigration to Britain, the United States, and elsewhere, creating a vast “diaspora”. (Dealing).

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