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INPS instructions for submitting an application


Public servants of the Unified Administration of Credit and Social Services will be able to request an advance from the Total Fertility Account or TFS without having to wait for the normal terms. They can benefit from all or part of the outstanding and unpaid share. The application is submitted online on the INPS website as of February 1, 2023. It is specified by the Institute in Letter no. 430 from Jan. 30

there Request toAdvance to severance pay and TFS can be submitted from February 1, 2023.

the new performance With INPS Board Resolution No. 219 Last November and aims to Civil servants participation in Unified management of credit and social services.

Could enjoywithout having to wait for me Normal payment timesfrom all amount affiliate TFR/TSF accumulation And Do not filter or part thereof. apply a 1% interest rate it’s a The withholding tax is 0.5 percent.

there Request send it remote mode across the INPS website.

TFR/TFS applicant for civil servants: INPS instructions for submitting the application

L’INPS via message no. 430 From January 30, 2023 provides the first directione about theProgressing affiliate Indemnity (TFR) f End of service (TFS) for i Civil servants.

with the resolution no. 219 From November 9, 2022 from INPS Board of DirectorsIn fact, one was created New performance to Treatment progresswhich joins the regular transport and the facilitated transport.

Everyone can benefit Civil servants participation in Unified management of credit and social services Retired, retired from service and deserving of one performance to TFR/TSF It has not been fully spent yet.

“The said advance can be requested by retirees who have confirmed their membership in the Department for the retirement period, as well as those who have left the service without having the right to a pension and who, after a new job, are registered with the Department, and if TFR / TSF can be paid .”

the Participants To the concerned department, through the new performanceyou can expect to useThe full amount of severance pay/TFS due and unliquidated or part thereof without having to wait i Normal payment times.

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Moreover, it is possible to orderProgressing Even in the presence of others assignments or restrictions on TFR / TSF, but only in relation to the stator”Free“From the last.

inadvance amount apply a Interest rate constant equals1 percent for the entire term of the loan and a Withholding tax is 0.50 percent for management costs.

there sum In advance from the credit fund and one-time paymentThe only solution to the management member. there Selling part of TFR/TSFat the time of the right to use Cold To the administration directly from the body responsible for the disbursement (INPS or other).

Institute with special circular It will then save all files details related to the new discipline and instructions operations to implement it. At the same time message no. 430 as specified put the question.

Civil servants: how to apply for an advance on severance pay / TFS

as pointed outINPSI Civil servants Members of the Unified Administration of Credit and Social Services can submit Request to Progressing affiliate End of service processing you hate The end of the relationship from February 1, 2023.

This must be sent exclusively at remote modeby accessing performance sheet View on INPS website To the next / to the next / to the pain addresses:

in phase Requestthe applicant will have to determine whether a loan is required for TFR/TSF completed or to smaller quantity. Moreover, in the event that part of the required amount has already been subjected bonds or appointmentsit must indicate if it intends to receive financing in the amount already available.

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If a file existssupplied power Both INPS and applicants will not have to attach a file certificate related TFR/TSFsince it will be done automatically in credit zone systems.

Otherwise, however, the certificate it will be Attached to the application by the interested party.

the booklet with all instructions Available in the dedicated area of ​​online services at Institutional site.

INPS – letter n. 430 from January 30, 2023
Establishment of a new regular TFS / TFR advance payment for the benefit of members of the Unified Administration of Credit and Social Services in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 1, letter f), of Ministerial Decree No. 463/1998


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