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How Poland and Romania approach the overall conflict between NATO and Russia - the economy and surroundings

How Poland and Romania approach the overall conflict between NATO and Russia – the economy and surroundings

This morning, the Director of the SVR (Služba vnešnej razvedki) Naryshkin – Russia’s secret foreign service – unusually announced that Poland was preparing to invade western Ukraine for “humanitarian purposes”, of course.

Then the SVR added that NATO had already talked about it at the highest levels since March and that the United States would have announced that it would not participate but would look favorably upon the process in which a group of European countries would be involved. Occupies western Ukraine.

About an hour ago, the Polish Minister of Defense stated that from May 1 to the end of the month there will be intensive movements of troops and military equipment in the country due to an exercise (not previously announced). They are the combinations….

In addition, a huge air bridge is being built between the United States and Poland to allow the transport of the promised heavy vehicles to the Ukrainians. It is clear that sending NATO heavy vehicles to Ukraine now, if the hypothesis of the Polish invasion is verified, will make sense because there will be NATO personnel who will be able to use them. It should also be noted that the German Bundestag agreed to the proposal to send these vehicles, as did the Italian government.

I should also add that the Romans also transport men and chariots eastward, ready to enter Transnistria, if not directly, into Bessarabia from which they could eventually reach Odessa as well.

How to establish this outlet, which I will determine, of the Syrian type (even in the country of the Middle East so as not to give a complete victory to the Russians, the Americans and the Turks created “buffer zones”)? If we are faced with sane people, this may be a possible solution with the Westerners occupying western Ukraine up to Zhytomyr because they are (on average) historically Catholic and Polish lands. But it’s a nice mess…

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On the other hand, the prospect of the Romanians entering Odessa is literally unacceptable to the Russians. It is a Russian city inhabited by Russians.

The situation that day by day, now became more and more dangerous. Precisely for the absence of reasonableness where no one wants to give up.

It would be a very bad sign if the Russians responded with partial packing. Let’s see what happens, but with great concern.