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Airbnb Homes: Here are the 10 most loved homes on Instagram in 2022

Airbnb Homes: Here are the 10 most loved homes on Instagram in 2022

Refuges immersed in nature, rustic residences, villas with ocean or Mediterranean views. But also “Boutique Studio” above the best coffee shop in Ghent: Airbnb Order issued The 10 most famous homes in 2022 on his page Instagram.

These dream accommodations, which have garnered likes and positive comments from followers of the home-sharing platform, are found all over the world: from Taiwan to Spain to the United States, even Patagonia.

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The most popular Airbnb homes on Instagram in 2022

Not just luxury homes, the most popular picks on the Airbnb Instagram account also include great-priced stays.

Airbnb points out, “With inflation soaring and the cost of living soaring, it’s only natural to think about your wallet and try to save, even as you scroll through social media posts dreaming of the perfect destination for your next trip.”

But there is also another trend that emerges from the classification, in addition to the concern for thrift: the desire to escape to a modern cottage in order to fully merge with nature. Just look at the homes that took the stage to realize that.

Scroll through the gallery to discover the top ten

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