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INPS Bonus € 2,400, we are almost done: How to apply

The time to apply for an INPS bonus of € 2,400 is getting smaller and smaller: Here’s how to proceed to receive the incentive before the deadline

Bonus INPS

Requests to get € 2,400 Inps Bonus, Intended for seasonal workers and not only, expires on Monday May 31. He gave compensation The Edict of Sustini, Works to help those who have been severely affected by the epidemic from Covid-19. Initially, the deadline was April 30, but was later extended to May 31 with an official circular fromOut On April 22nd.

To be able to take advantage of the bonus is Seasonal workers, Those with Fixed-term contract, From tourism Based on Health resorts. Also includes Intermittently, The Sometimes self-employedAnd the Those from the show he is Responsible for home sales.

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How to apply for a bonus € 2400 INPS

INPS (Getty Images)

Workers who have not yet applied for compensation can submit it electronically by May 31 through citizen channels and Corpses favoritism On the gate INPS.

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Various credentials can be used:

  • PIN INPS (New Pins Will Not Be Released October 1, 2020)
  • SPID level 2 or higher
  • Electronic ID Card 3.0
  • National Service Charter

The € 2,400 bonus It can also be ordered via Contact center, Calling Al Toll-free 803164 From the landline or to the number 06 164 164 From the mobile network.