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Impact is betting everything on Bray Wyatt, they want to make him the face of the company

We have told you this in recent days wrestling effect He may soon announce a new major TV contract. One of the results of the highest-grossing deal could be the arrival of two prominent wrestlers on Thursday night’s show. The name made in these watches is one of the important names, the former world champion Bray White.

Wrestling bad guys effect advertising

According to Dave Meltzer, a well-known wrestling journalist, Impact is doing a cruel trial for The Fiend, trying to take over his performance. Currently, Wyatt is still subject to WWE’s non-competition clause, which requires him to stay on for 90 days after being fired from rival companies. It’s clear that a wrestler like Bray Wyatt would have massive star power in Impact’s current roster and could be the brand’s cover man. In addition, Impact has had many superhero characters over the years, from Su Yung to Rosemary.

When can you sign?

In Wyatt, there has been AEW for some time, which is clearly interested in that famous name and on which WWE itself has focused a lot in recent years. There’s still a long way to go before Bray Wyatt’s no-competition clause, set for October 29, expires.

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