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“I must decide whether to eat or breathe” - Libero Quotidiano

“I must decide whether to eat or breathe” – Libero Quotidiano

drama Val Kilmer. The American actor, who was revealed in Hollywood as Tom Cruise’s antagonist in the cult of the ’80s BestA patient with throat cancer. Today, at the age of 61, his health is far from good and he admitted it in an animated documentary made for Amazon. omen..

After the residents deserted as a “Pelony” in films such as willowAnd batman forever (as the Dark Knight) and above all as a true double of Jim Morrison in biography the doors By Oliver Stone, the actor embarked on a slow downward trajectory. The cinema no longer offered him leading roles, and then the tumor arrived. After several cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Kilmer had to undergo a delicate tracheostomy, which irreparably damaged his voice. “I can’t speak without blocking this hole in my throat. I obviously sound a lot worse than what I hear in my head. You have to choose.” Either to breathe or eat”, explains the actor in the documentary dedicated to him.

Today he is forced to breastfeed with a tube. “We called him three years ago – the directors explained Scott NS poop -. I worked with him on his project Twin Cinemas And when he couldn’t go on tour with the show Citizen Twin. I worked with him on this and other projects as well, and archived his footage. She doesn’t have the vanity that you would expect of someone from her fame and stardom. There has never been this kind of trick or protection that really famous people have to put in their place. And It’s humiliating to be together. He is an eclectic person, there is childlike cheerfulness, but at the same time there is also a deep wisdom of a person who has followed a spiritual path all his life. It has a lot of opposites that make it incredibly interesting, and that’s kind of what makes our movie so captivating.”

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