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After a face-lift, a new revision of U&D

After a face-lift, a new revision of U&D

Gemma Galgani decided to resort to plastic surgery again before returning to men and women: the final touch for a lady

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In a few weeks, the most popular dating show for Italians will start again on Canale 5. Obviously, we are talking about men and women Which this year will be full of news: Maria de Filippi In fact, he decided to put a transgender on the throne for the first time.

The news does not end here because on the throne there will once again be a presence Gemma Galgani: The lady, who has now been on the show for over a decade, does not give up in her search for a soul mate.

Many fans on social media who have been following the woman, lately, have avoided posting pictures up front and up close. In fact, it is rumored that After a facelift Visa, Gemma again resorted to plastic surgery. Recent rumors confirm this hypothesis.

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Gemma Galgani returns to men and women with a new revision: breast reconstruction

Gemma Galgani
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As reported by Nuovo Tv . Director Ricardo Signoriti On Instagram and Galgani, in fact, She also reshaped her breasts. All the details of this indiscretion are in this week’s edition of Nuovo Tv dedicated to cover, cover For men and women lady.

“Does Gemma hope to find the right partner more easily?” read the caption on the cover of the weekly magazine. , which is a question followed by a question. holes Controversy: “What will he do next?”.

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In short, when recordings resume Gemma Galgani will present herself with a brand new neck. Who knows what he will think? Tina Cibulari: The columnist certainly doesn’t disdain the scalpel, but we’re sure he’ll find a way to attack his archenemy.

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Tina will remain on De Filippi alongside Gianni Sperti In a recent interview, Gemma advised her to change her clothes And to wear lighter clothing in line with airtime. We’ll see some good things!