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“I’m going to sleep…”: What Joe Biden’s latest gaffe reveals

“I’m going to sleep…”: What Joe Biden’s latest gaffe reveals

Tired, confused, definitely not up to the level of Commander-in-Chief of the Superpower of the Stars and Stripes. The American public has been wondering for some time about the mental and physical condition of the 80-year-old man Joe Biden The latest misstep faced by the occupant of the White House in Hanoi Vietnam“It does nothing but fuel doubt and confusion about his re-election in 2024.”I’m going to bed nowBiden told reporters, before continuing the press conference as if nothing had happened. Well, jet lag, understandable fatigue, and all, but every time the US President finds himself speaking alone in front of reporters he seems more and more disoriented and confused. In what he says. In some cases, he ends up giving speeches without rhyme or reason, which even his collaborators cannot explain. And so Americans wonder whether the president is really able to handle four more years of mandated rule.

Biden quotes John Wayne in baffling speech

USA President He arrived in Hanoi last SundayTo strengthen relations with Vietnam And confronting Beijing’s influence in Asia. At the press conference, Biden was asked about the G20 black smoke on divesting from fossil fuels. At that moment, the US President delivered a decidedly confusing speech, at one point referring to the famous American actor and Western film director, John WayneTo attack climate change deniers. “The Indian scout, looking at John Wayne, points to the Union soldier and says, “He’s a lying dog-faced soldier.” Well, there are a lot of dog-faced lying soldiers talking about global warming, but not anymore. Suddenly, everyone realized this was a problem. There is nothing better than seeing the lightThe White House resident explained. Statements that unleashed conservative commentators on social media. New York Post Miranda Devine commented on Biden’s words on X (formerly Twitter): “No one could have any idea what he was muttering. Why can’t he use a regular fixed microphone like everyone else?“.

The president is drowning in the ballot boxes

The latest opinion polls show a climate of mistrust and skepticism toward the American president. According to a survey he conducted CNNOnly 39% of voters approve of the president’s actions, while a majority of Americans believe things are not going right. Then there is another rather worrying number for the US president: nearly half of registered voters say that any Republican candidate would be a better alternative to Biden in 2024, while concern is growing among Americans about the health, fitness and mentality of the Delaware politician.

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