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If we spot an asteroid heading to Earth, it will destroy it

If we spot an asteroid heading to Earth, it will destroy it

I know A large asteroid It should expire On a collision course with the groundThere isn’t much we can do – even with this info several months ago. This is the conclusion that comes from the last hypothetical exercise performed by NASA researchers To explore potential apocalypse scenarios that aren’t yet on the horizon for the time being. The exercise was performed During the conference Of the United Nations and gave few encouraging results: If a scenario similar to the envisioned scenario should be achieved – this is the result of the study – with the level of organization we currently have. We will not be able to launch any effective countermeasures.

What are the tests for

Simulation It is not a simple theoretical exerciseCurrently: – we have to remember – we are not aware of asteroids on a collision course with our planet in the short, medium or long term. On the other hand, it remains true that objects of various kinds transiting or preparing to transit near our planet (the so-called near-Earth objects) are identified. Dozens every week that passesCurrently, researchers are monitoring about 25,000 of them. Little wonder, then, that scientists at least want to know if humanity is up to a task that has so far only been dealt with in science fiction. The problem is that, by moving from the imagination to the real world, the chances of our species’ survival are greatly reduced.


For researchers, hypothetical exercises like these are setting Who might be the main player in the world To coordinate any defensive measures, and to help the international community understand the most effective ways to work toward a common goal. The fact remains that for the time being, the only response we can currently organize to news of impending impact is evacuationClear the crash area as many people as possible.

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The hopes for mid-term lie in a program called DART, or Asteroid double rerouting test: It is essentially an attempt to divert the course of an colliding object using the protective effect force emanating from our planet. The first test will be conducted on A harmless asteroid and has already been identified By technicians: It is a Demorphus that will be targeted in the fall of next year with a missile from the DART program to verify the effect of a similar operation on an astronomical body.