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The Chinese space station is ready in 2022

The Chinese space station is ready in 2022

Building Tiangong space station Chinese with the launch of Tianhe, the main unit that will house the crew. Assembly of the space station will be completed in orbit by 2022 and will require 10 more launches. Meanwhile, I am this morning is back To Earth, the four astronauts arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) with the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule (Crew Mission 1).

China challenges the West

The Tiangong Space Station will orbit the Earth at an altitude of between 340 and 450 km, and upon completion of its construction, the space station will be T-shaped and the size of approximately 20% of the International Space Station. Tianhe It is the main unit that can accommodate up to six astronauts (in the video you can watch the launch). Another two units with scientific laboratories called Wentian e Mingtian.

To complete the construction they will need it 10 other launches Made with three types of Long March missiles. In addition to the Wentian and Mengtian planes, there will be four launches of the Tianzhu cargo shuttles (supply) and four launches of Shenzhou manned shuttles. Tianzhou 2 is scheduled to launch on May 20, while i The first three astronauts The space station will enter with the launch of Shenzhou 12 scheduled for June 10.

Meanwhile, after about six months on the International Space Station, the four astronauts have managed to … Crew Mission 1 November 2020. For the first time since the return of Apollo 8 (December 27, 1968), the SpaceX Crow Dragon (Resilience) spacecraft made a night flight off the coast of Panama City (Florida).

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Four more astronauts arrived at the International Space Station on April 24 (Crew Mission 2) On the Crew Dragon (Endeavor) spacecraft case. The Crew Dragon will be used for the mission Inspiration 4The first, with four civilians on board.