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"If I were you I wouldn't do it."  ASL switchboard operator's case dismissed for failing to prescribe vaccine to pregnant woman

“If I were you I wouldn’t do it.” ASL switchboard operator’s case dismissed for failing to prescribe vaccine to pregnant woman

“If I were you I wouldn’t do it.” This is the unsolicited advice given by the switchboard operator to a young pregnant woman who phoned the Chechen Cup to book the first dose of the vaccine.Govt. A valuable comment to Ausl Romagna Kaptel worker who was fired on the spot for just cause. The story begins two months ago and was reported by the pregnant woman’s husband. The jobless switchboard operator is a 51-year-old Catholic (resident of Rimini Province). Pregnant woman A young woman who lives in Fensa, when she made a phone call to the switchboard operator, expressed her fears about vaccine administration in the interesting situation she is in. The woman recalled that the switchboard operator had justified herself by saying that she was “very contradictory and that she expressed her suspicion about the outbreak and the vaccine.” “I, perhaps guilty of innocence, let the words ‘I would not do it if it was me’ slip away. But in the end, I recorded the first dose anyway. Despite all the explanations, the co-worker he worked for was stubborn.

“No one can offer advice without the necessary skills,” said Christina Kalinucci, president of Aso Cooperative. “My world collapsed, and I was suddenly out of work. In support of a twenty-year-old daughter alone, in my second year of university and I had no income – the fired switchboard operator left – I was living on this salary and now have to wait two months to apply for unemployment, when will it come?” I do not even know when it will come. The accusation prevailed in me.

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