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Ida conquered the famous architect

Submit to Love Live on Friday, July 23. What will happen to Serkan and Ida today? Yves Ackmann, the new shareholder of the holding arrives and immediately Serkan hates him: he has no intention of reselling Selene’s shares, he’s too late. Instead, the famous architect, charming and kind, conquers all. Pure Ida.

loves in the air go on air channel 5, from Monday to Friday, Every 15:30. TV series set تعيين Istanbul. The series stars Kerem Bürsin, Hande Erçel (Serkan and Eda) and Kana Very successful in Turkey. progress Today is July 23 And they say that Iver finds out da Aydan che Ida and Serkan together Really, the two women are ready for it cooperate for every You divide the two young men.

Love is in the air, the plot of the day


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Company news arrives like a hurricane Celine’s resignation: Everyone is afraid to be there Repercussions on Serkan Holding he has to Reassure everyone. Meanwhile, reach Evie Ackman: his gentle ways Instantly conquer Milo and Lily. Instead, the architects are at once at odds with one another. And therefore ever , I heard that Eda is with Serkan, yeah alla con Aydan for every The separation of the two young menWho I am Siren and Ferit immediately Tune.

Celine “fired”, the art of living in the storm

Milo Celine love is in the air

Celine Selling shares with the company It has nothing to do with him anymore. and immediately Collaborators and staff I am Worried for their future work. sarkan You will have to reassure all and reassure them Nothing will happen to the company. He asks Celine to stay by his side: The two They will have to try to buy back the shares sold.

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The magician Yves Ackman arrives


the first approach From Effie Akman and Serkan and immediately Denial: the famous architect Enter delay Which infuriates the disciplined Polat. In place meanwhile There is Ferit: celine embarrassed NS man’s presence Who has the deserted at the altar. The two will talk and Verrett will explain the reasons why it was best not to celebrate the wedding.

Even Ida was “enchanted” by the famous architect


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Evie Ackman Get everyone’s attention: It is very friendly wizard And willing to cooperate with all staff. Milo and Laila literally stay fascinated by the man. also Ida La He is Immune to her magic And when he was there He chooses for every cooperate together, waiting for his team bulat go on a rampage: You will have to Worry about the newcomer?

Iver learns the story between Ida and Serkan

Love Is In The Air Ever Aidan

Aidan Give Video call directions Generally hospital ward, Action Become hysterical nurses himself Alptekin. They can’t stand it anymore! at the point Disconnect the connection To get some peace. Serkan’s mother receives a visit from ever. While the two are discussing, the florist’s aunt learns that Nephew and Sarkan are really together. At that point two o’clock in the afternoon women’s team For the same purpose: Separation of the two young men.

Feret and Serene, spied on their meeting

love frit

wounded Tired of having to justify his actions. Sure, he can decide that Leave Celine first To reach the altar, so much so that it I apologize PR. but on Choose to blow up the wedding On the other hand, it’s true convinced. Once the meeting is over, he leaves Art Life and returns to his office. before going out will meet Sirene: they both do They will start talking to lift Celine’s jealousy Who sees the two? Very confident. In fact, there is a beautiful harmony between them.

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Love is in the air, cast

loves in the air

Here are the main characters in Cast de love in the air. Ida star h sarkan Bulat is played respectively by Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin. Neslihan is born (from the moon Polat), Big Unal (Celine Atakan), Ismail Ege Sasms (Kaan Montenegro), Efrem Dogan (ever Yildi), Anil Elter (Nobody Sezgin), Kajri Sitanak (unique Simsek), Elaine Avakan (Angel Yücel), Melissa Dongel (Serein bazaar).

Love is in the air, where and when do we see it in the flow

Where are you looking? flow Episodes of the romantic TV series that takes place in Istanbul? Episodes are also available on Mediaset Play. So it will be possible Restore love rings in the air Streaming service provided by Mediaset Channels.