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Massimiliano Rosolino

Massimiliano Rossolino reveals it now: the reason for Al Jazeera’s farewell

After last year as a reporter, Massimiliano Rossolino decided to say goodbye to his experience with the famous island: that’s why.

There will certainly be plenty to remember his experience as a reporter on the latest edition of the Isola dei Famosi which earned him a hit but hasn’t seen continuation this season now. In fact, his role fell back into the hands of Alvin, but what no one ever imagined was the reason why the athlete made this decision.


“The island is very cool, but I didn’t like it” She later revealed in his interview on Blogtivvu, the words which also left the general public of Canale Cinque speechless considering that during the live broadcast no one ever noticed anything.

In short, it seems that the relations between the former reporter and the broadcaster did not end in the best way: but to whom are your words directed?

Massimiliano Rossolino Farewell to the Island: ‘It’s a Matter of Education’

Massimiliano Rossolino It definitely needs no introduction and yet the audience knows very well how He met his partner Natalia TitovaYou can’t wait for the real reason he’s saying goodbye to his role as Celebrity Island envoy.

“I didn’t like the opinion makers’ criticism very much on an educational issue. If you’re 25 and I’m 40…let’s shake hands and understand the roles a little bit, it’s ABC SportsThe swimming champion in his interview reported by Blogtivvu revealed details that no one might have imagined yet that come a long way from last year when it all happened. In fact, his words were addressed to Elettra Lamborghini and Tommaso Zorzi who were in the last version hanging with Iva Zanicchi.

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In short, a real development that highlights the athlete’s performance on that occasion He definitely hears the teasingIn a way he didn’t like it at all. And who knows whether there is a possibility at any time to clarify between those directly involved.

After looking closely I would say the island is very cool but not nowI will not participate as a competitor.” He finally admitted the possibility of his participation and again: “Then I would never, ever, ever say “no”, but at the moment no. Alvin? In my opinion he is the best reporter ever, and obviously better myself then.”