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"I don't even remember my name"

“I don’t even remember my name”

affected mental illness because of musty that haunts her home. Terrible diagnosis for Amy Skelton, 37 years old. With devastating effects on his life, because due to illness he could no longer even remember his name.

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Suffering from inborn dementia

Amy, a naturopath and dietitian, started feeling sick two months after she and her husband moved into an apartment in Manly, New South Wales. Australia, in 2016. The bathroom leak was fatal because it led to mold that spread in the bathroom and beyond. Due to the genetic vulnerability of mold toxins, Amy discovered that prolonged exposure caused a “systemic breakdown” of her body. She started noticing chronic allergies and suddenly she gained 10kg, in addition to feeling tired all the time. And in the months that followed, his brain function also declined.

Alzheimer’s disease by inhalation

She was eventually referred to a neurologist who diagnosed her Alzheimer’s disease Type III, also known as inhaled Alzheimer’s disease. He told the New York Post, “Some days I couldn’t figure out how to get dressed. If I went out on my Vespa I would forget where I parked and would often leave the keys attached to the pad. But the most worrying symptom was when he forgot my name.”

how to find out

Amy said the potential fallout from mold is not often overlooked by health professionals, which means that, like many people, she was initially diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. But due to some happy coincidence, she began to piece together the pieces of what was going on and trace the true cause of her illness. It was a friend who noticed the leak from the garage below their apartment. They found that water drips under the carpet and enters the bedroom and study. In short, mold spread in the house, from the bedding he slept in to the carpeting in the bathroom. Thus, he discovered the cause of his illness.

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