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Hungry, dirty and without proper clothing: English students are the victims of the skyrocketing prices.  Schools become social safety nets

Hungry, dirty and without proper clothing: English students are the victims of the skyrocketing prices. Schools become social safety nets

They show up at school with divider StainedDirty hair without washing it teeth. A humiliating situation Health poverty Which affects Psychological comfort The emotional nature of these British students, which not only hides laziness and neglect poorly, but… povertyEconomic impact on their families. More and more teachers are witnessing this scenario in their classrooms, and it is a real test of a growing phenomenon known as “health poverty.” tip ofIce mountain From the raging high cost of living crisis kingdom united.

Definition of health poverty as the condition of those who find themselves trapped in the choice between heating their homes, or heating their homes. Pay billsBuying food or taking care of personal hygiene is a non-profit organization Hygiene bank. Through the survey they conducted on 500 schools in the Kingdom, it was found that: 72% of school employees Noticed an increase in health poverty among students Last year, 71% expect the levels to continue He increases And also in this first quarter, with implications for students’ learning and self-esteem. More than half teachers She reported that children who do not care about their hygiene are isolated from the classroom, with a rate of 50% of this The negative impact on their mental health, while 26% of those interviewed indicated that poverty affects their health Absence Schools.

When laundry becomes a luxury
Not all teachers stand idly by, some reveal that Wash at home Uniforms and physical education uniforms for students most in need, others provide Detergents For families who cannot afford cleaning products or own a washing machine. “Poverty of sanitation is associated with very high levels of… Deprivation Because families struggle to manage the cost of goods such as Washing MachineAnd energy bills clothes. “Many schools try to help children in a discreet way by washing their clothes and providing clothes for their uniforms,” Al commented. guardian Julie McCullochDirector, Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL).

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Nine out of ten schools in England They find themselves having to provide financial support to their families. food parcels, foods For breakfast, coupons, clothes, toothbrushes and Toothpastes. Basic necessities that families cannot afford The fifth world power Like the United Kingdom. This is what the research he conducted revealed National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), with more than 80% of English headteachers reporting this Pressures The crisis of the high cost of living has increased the number of children in need of help and the type of support required with some children even No wheelchairs And They walked.

“The cost of living crisis is having a profound impact on… students And Families: Schools are providing an unprecedented level of emergency support to students coming to school starvingor cannot afford uniforms or Transfer – He said Jenna JuliusResearch Director Flee -If they are not arrested Sizes There is an immediate risk that the crisis will have a long-term impact students“Health poverty is one of the most prominent consequences of this Inflation spiral And the crisis of the high cost of living, which has placed the United Kingdom in a worse grip than the grip of other G7 countries. Horrible year forBritish economy The increase in the cost of food to 19%, the labor shortage and the energy crisis led to continued pressure on inflation levels, which rose to more than 11%. Data that keeps the Prime Minister awake feathery Snack Looking at the political elections in 2024, the poverty card is expected to be decisive JarsEasy to use from Oppositions To give the expected defeat for 12 years Conservatives To the governmentwith the return of the Labor Party to Downing street.

He added: “Inflation is falling rapidly, we have already reached 7% and the trend is the same decreasing. The Prime Minister’s goal is to halve inflation by the end of the year and the forecast is for this Bank of England They suggest he can do it, but the game isn’t over yet – he explains Adam Corlettthe organization’s chief economist Decision Foundation – Subsidies to help less wealthy families High living expenses They have been very helpful but will expire in 2024. Benefits for workers are expected to rise in line with inflation from next April, which equates to an increase of about 7% but looking to the future conditions TRUEAnd, given the taxes, the government subsidy would actually be his decreases 13% of the purchasing power of the least wealthy. So there are some encouraging signs on the inflation and wage increase front, but I would say that the crisis of rising costs of living is far from over for private sector workers. Family units Low income.

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The high cost of living fuels the electoral atmosphere
The state of the economy and the state of the cost of living are Larger Fears Of the public, with 3 in 10 people admitting to having used i Private savings to cover Current expenses And 1 in 4 say they struggle financially due to daily expenses. Data from leader statistics, IpsosHeating the electoral atmosphere. The finger is mainly directed towards Government With 3 in 4 people not believing that Sunak has handled the crisis well High living expenses. “One of the most important statistics dates back to 1998 – says A Kelly beaver CEO of Ipsos – Then when we asked them how they saw the country, 24% said it had become a country better place To live in, the 40% that was getting worse. Today, when asked the same question, 6% felt the country was in a good position to improve Compared to 76%, they say that the situation is getting worse. So the audience is very disappointed, Lou Families to Low income They do not feel that news of improved inflation will affect their purchasing power. This is given elections It changes the narrative and the framework the countryside Electoral“.

there An electoral battle It will be played without any restrictions. Ipsos Already determined Tendency to vote: “The older segment of the population, who own a home (and therefore do not have to pay a mortgage from Dizziness) would be biased toward conservatives for Pride Snack Which will eventually boast its ability to tame inflation. Instead Labor will ride the waveSocial inequality Which was amplified by the Conservative government, with the new Settlement Minister, Angela ReinerWhich will put it at the heart of its campaign in the disputed areas. The gap is 17% support for Labor among those with a mortgage and 27% among voters who rent.”

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In the end, however, Beaver reveals what it is direction Important: “Whether one thinks the Conservatives have performed well or poorly, or either exhaustion They can do good or bad for the government, and the fact is that two-thirds of the population wants to vote for the government It changes. This is the Indicator criticPeople want change, but that doesn’t mean they love it madly exhaustion. The public seems to trust the Labor Party more, but to a certain extent they do neutral If you ask them if they would be able to manage taxes and the economy better. And in the middle there are a lot of hesitant people, both of them Concerts They still have to work hard on the issues that really matter great general“.