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"Humans were not born on Earth," says Dr. Silver.

“Humans were not born on Earth,” says Dr. Silver.

What if humans weren’t really born on Earth? Dr. Silver’s discoveries leave everyone speechless.

Where do humans come from – Image from Pixabay

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there Date You taught us how man is the fruit of thousands of years has evolved Which has gone through many stages until our modern version ofwise man.

To date, man is considered the most advanced species on the planet, but it is enough to analyze our physical characteristics to understand how our species is much more than that. inappropriate life on Earth compared to many other animals.

But are we sure we are from this planet? He doesn’t see it that way Dr. Silver, On the grounds that man will not be born on earth. Let’s get to know more about the hypothesis of the famous American ecologist who explains everything in his new book “People are not from Earth”.

Humans are not citizens of Earth: Dr. Silver’s hypothesis

The origin of alien human beings
Aliens crossed paths with humans – Image from Pixabay

The Dr.. Ellis Silver He is an ecologist from the United States who believes that humans are not citizens of this planet. In detail, according to Silver one alien species May reach Earth in prehistoric times, intersecting withNeanderthals.

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to prove this strange thesis There will be different aspects of human physiology. For example, exposure to sunlight causes sunstroke on the skin, while the ease with which one experiences back pain can be linked to the fact that humans were conceived to live in a low-gravity environment.

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Also, why do so many people suffer from chronic diseases? According to Dr. Silver, all this evidence could mean that man was not born to live on Earth, moreover, all of these Evidence It does not distinguish other animal species.

For example, lizards can spend as much as they like in the sun without getting burned, and many other animals are not as dazzled by the sun as we do.

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In short, according to Dr. Silver, man lives in a “Planet Prison” This also covers the feeling of lack of belonging that different people often experience.