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"I will tell young people that science is beautiful and democratic"

“I will tell young people that science is beautiful and democratic”

“I want to tell young people that science is wonderful. It’s not static, research continues. It’s there to learn, to study, to experiment, to create. It can make a difference for a different, more attentive world and even for peace, for a more equitable future. And it’s not just that, It offers the opportunity to travel, encounter, get acquainted and dialogue with different cultures.” It can benefit us and our community. Catalina Corchinoa world-renowned physicist, leads a research team in laboratoriesNational Institute of Nuclear Physics in Frascati. “I manage a group of about twenty people, and we take care of them Basic PhysicsCatalina will be in Crema next weekend, during which she will meet the city in two special moments in the room of da Simo: the first is on Friday 11 November at 9 pm, it will be open to citizens and will have the right Nobel Booker for Women’s Physics. And the second on Saturday, entitled Science for all!It will be reserved for high school students.

develop feelings

“I chose to study physics just because I was passionate about it. I always thought it allowed me to take advantage of my natural inclination: I loved studying stars.” Driven by emotion “I didn’t particularly notice how this choice was seen from the outside. In Transylvania where I grew up, it wasn’t a sense that a young woman devoted herself to stem themes, and that path wasn’t hampered. I simply did in life what made my heart beat and it was my best” . In Italy, “the situation is not particularly different in the scientific world: I have never felt the fact that being a woman at work is a burden. I have always looked directly at goals. So I reached the highest positions.”

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cultural question

The difference is given by the culture rooted in the society: “Girls are given dolls in their hands from an early age, without thinking that perhaps they would like to play with different toys. Because there are no male toys or female toys.” Growing up “Women are believed to have a natural inclination to nurture and according to the current prevailing paradigm professions related to it are promoted. The truth is that they are all useless preconceptions, and that if a young woman has a passion for science, she should be able to hone it. Without hindrance, without being judged. Because it’s only our prejudiced eyes. Science has nothing: science is democratic. It is, and should be, an opportunity for all and for all.”