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These are the vitamins that will help fight baldness, hair thinning and hair loss making them strong and healthy even after menopause.


Hair growth is linked to several factors, just as hair loss often occurs in different age groups and at different times of the year. About 70% of women over the age of 70, for example, suffer from female-pattern baldness and 40% have postmenopausal thinning. While it is perfectly normal to lose a small amount of hair (around 100-150) per day or at certain seasonal times. Loss or tenderness is caused by some factors. It affects stress, lifestyle, diet, genetics, environment, hormonal changes or health problems. These interrupt the natural life cycle of the hair and many enter the resting phase. This occurs in both men and women, although hormonal changes are more common in those, who often experience body thinning.

Causes of hair loss

However, some significant deficiencies can also affect hair loss. Like the iron we just talked about In this article. Or a sudden change in weight can drastically affect the health of our scalp. However, pulling the tails or braids too often weakens them, breaking them not at the roots, but at different points along the entire length. Finally, some problems with ThyroidHypothyroidism, like hypothyroidism, can cause a kind of dehydration, which makes them especially fragile. Even the lack of vitamins reflects on the hair making it dull and brittle. Because of this, they will fall off more easily and will be more fragile and thinner.

These are the vitamins that will help fight baldness, hair thinning and hair loss making them strong and healthy even after menopause.

For the health and growth of a beautiful and always perfect hairstyle, it is recommended to take these special vitamins. In the foreground we find (A) for healthy and strong hair. This regulates the formation of keratin, delays aging and is responsible for the health of the sebaceous glands. When there is a deficiency, dandruff may also appear due to severe dryness. Then there is the B vitamin which would greatly influence the growth of new hair. In this case Vitamin B3 The B2 stimulate healthy hair follicles and microcirculation in the scalp. Even B6 intervenes directly in the fall.

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To get a good amount of it, it is recommended to eat foods like eggs, peas, milk and fish. Finally, vitamin D is also important, which will have an essential role in the entire life cycle of the hair, protecting it from excessive shedding. It is called the sunshine vitamin because our bodies mostly absorb it with exposure to sunlight. These are the vitamins that will help in facing the embarrassing problem of hair loss.

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