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Hulk Hogan “can’t feel his legs anymore”. The story of the wrestling legend: “Cut off all the nerves of the lower extremities.”

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan “He can’t feel his legs anymore.” Terry Eugene Bollea (real name of American wrestler) «Now he walks with great difficulty, leaning on a stick». It was his former colleague and still friend who made it known Kurt Angle who revealed in his podcast the content of a difficult conversation between the two, which took place in mid-January, during the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of raw wrestling. Hogan had back surgery again. The nerves in his lower body were severed, Angel revealed. “Now he can’t hear anymore, so he has to use his cane to walk. I thought he used the stick because he had a pain in his back but he has no pain, He hears nothing». And again: «I’m really sorry about the Hulk. He put his heart and soul into it In this business, though He devoured her». The legendary wrestler of the 80s kept millions of fans glued, becoming a wrestling icon even abroad. But the struggles against his health for the 69-year-old are nothing new: throughout his career Hogan has struggled 25 surgeries For the damage caused by the life he spent in the ring. A fighting field where much of the show has been acted out, but gladiators still take several repeated strikes. In 2021, he himself explained how his back was full of metal, and how he lost 8 cm of his height after 8 operations: “My knees are fake, my hips are fake, and my back is full of metal, as well as part of my face. . Hogan retired from the ring at the age of 60, and was recognized as a symbol of an era: «The Hulk is the name and the face of the company. He is the man who revolutionized professional wrestling,» continued his friend and former opponent Angle. One of his recent Instagram posts shows him standing up and singing karaoke, with no mention of the major health problems his colleague revealed.

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