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How to furnish your home in a simple and elegant way without spending money?  Just follow rule 3

How to furnish your home in a simple and elegant way without spending money? Just follow rule 3

Are you having problems furnishing your home? Maybe you don’t know this rule. Decorating by putting this trick into practice becomes very simple.

If you are looking for solutions to furnish your home but cannot understand which direction to take, you should follow the requirements of modern design which is based on a basic principle: the so-called. Rule of three. But what does it consist of and how can you do it without making mistakes? By implementing this strategy The environment will be comfortable, elegant and completely renovated. The rule of 3 is widespread in the United States and is gradually spreading in Europe as well. It is a model consisting of a basic principle, according to which objects arranged in groups of three are more attractive to the human eye.

Furnishing your home with these bases is very simple

This doctrine is the result of a study that highlighted the fact that individual groups of objects appear more natural, as opposed to those that appear artificial. Obviously, among the odd numbers, there are three numbers, which are defined as the ideal number also in the interior design sector. But how can this rule be applied concretely? It’s very simple, just arrange household items into groups of three.

Furnishing your home with the Rule of 3 is simple and it works!

This strategic trick has helped many people get out of trouble and create perfect furniture. It is inspired by the graphic arts, and in fact there are many painters and photographers who consider it a doctrine. Therefore this concept was borrowed, albeit in a much simpler way, in the art of interior design. As mentioned earlier, Odd-numbered objects give a sense of dynamism to the human eyeThey are thus perceived as natural and reliable, instilling a feeling of relaxation and well-being when coming into contact with that particular environment.

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Furnishing your home with base 3

So, using this trick, the house will be more amazing, creative compositions will be created, and the furniture will be creative and stylish. For example, if you like plants, just place three pots close together. If you like paintings, they should also be arranged in groups of three.

The important thing is that things do not look completely at odds with each other in terms of proportions, and it is never important to play on shapes and dimensions as long as there is no strong asymmetry. Things do not necessarily have to be homogeneous, so a painting, a plant, and a table, for example, can be placed in one point of the room. What matters is that the group of things looks harmonious to the eye of the observer.