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Germany, starting from the third dose in September for the frail and the elderly.  Change of line: Vaccination has also been extended to 12-17 year olds

Germany, starting from the third dose in September for the frail and the elderly. Change of line: Vaccination has also been extended to 12-17 year olds

the Germany will submit to Senior citizens All people are at risk third dose Covid vaccine starting from September. Only new summons will be made with Pfizer NS Modern, but will also be offered to those who have already received two doses of AstraZeneca or lonely Johnson & Johnson. This announcement came from the Minister of Health, Jens Span, who cited concerns about “decreasing or weakening rapidly immune response“.The other big news that emerged from the meeting between SPAN and health ministers in 16 Tedesi countries It is about the youngest: in fact it was decided unanimously by extends Show vaccination for all children 12 to 17 years old, although the Standing Committee on Immunizations (stico) It did not recommend administration for this age group, but recommended vaccination only for children with previous diseases, and thus more at risk in the event of infection.

With The third summons In September, especially vulnerable groups should be protected At its best even in fall and winter. This is necessary ‘because the risk of reducing protection against vaccination for them LargerThis is the motivation behind the decision taken today by the Conference of Health Ministers. There scientific community For now, he vacillates between two positions: One says immune defenses can last for decades. The other party thinks so after three months Immune defenses start to deteriorate and that’s it it is necessary A third dose. Emmanuel MontomoliProfessor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at the University of Siena and a leading expert in the studies of the seroepidemiology of infectious diseases, a Explain that the third dose is “no escape.

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In addition to the green light for the third dose of the vaccine for “at-risk” groups, German health ministers have decided to extend the possibility of vaccination for children aged 12 years and over. “Anyone who wants can be vaccinated in the summer. We have enough vaccine for All age groupsHealth Minister Spahn said. Children can be vaccinated after receiving them illustrations and the Explanations From the doctor, in addition to obtaining approval from parents or guardian. So far, however, the stico They did not recommend vaccinating children in this age group because there is no experimental data needed to make Correct evaluation. Another reason is that very few children and adolescents become seriously ill.

Martin TierhardtA ., a pediatrician and member of Stiko, said the time That “politicians ignore medical skills Repeatedly Intervened in our work. This is insolence and disturbingAccording to Terhard, instead of focusing exclusively on vaccines, policy should consider making them schools Safer to reduce infection in the classroom: “This is the strategy in place for weeks to distract one from their habits fail On the one hand Planning NS application It is a long-standing guideline for the safe and healthy operation of kindergartens and schools.

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