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Is space around Earth really a "landfill"?  From the piece of the rocket that landed on the moon to the millions of debris in the "cemetery" orbits.  Battston: "Dangers to satellites"

Is space around Earth really a “landfill”? From the piece of the rocket that landed on the moon to the millions of debris in the “cemetery” orbits. Battston: “Dangers to satellites”

Trento. left for Years to roam between Earth and the the moonand ended up crashing in recent days (at least after expectations Scientists) against the Our satellite: It might be part of a file booster Chinese started in 2014 and he The first piece of “Cosmic Scrap” to finish the moon (Here is the article). But How many “space waste” of human origin in orbiting Environment In the Earth? to deepen the issue dolomite Contact professor of physics and for example The head of the Italian Space Agency, Roberto battstonThe answer is apparently simple:many“.

They are around our planet tropics – The professor explains first – It is divided into Three holistic areas: Come here 350 km About 1500 from the surface of the earth is spin more a littlethose in which there are most used satellites to Notes and the Telecommunications. persistence, about 16 thousand kilometerswe find the intermediate orbitsWhere am I located Navigational satellites that allows the system to operate Global Positioning System (we), Galileo (European), glonass (in Russian) e Baidu (Chinese). Finally, in higher altitudesabout the 36 thousand kilometersThere she is geostationary satelliteswhich revolves around the Earth at same speed that Our planet is turning against itselfand thus remaininstalled‘In relation to the observer, for example to send information to satellite dishes“.

It is located around orbit periods used in purposes specificbut it contains a file A very different number to Satellites: moons MobilityIn particular , a littleOne thirty For each of the 4 towers. spin it do not belong for this attach Often used asCemetery orbitsWhen the satellites run out they cycle of use – explains Battiston – There Three options: or leave them they orbitingbut increase Danger to possible collisionsor you can move them to orbit cemeteryor they do re-entry from the direction of Atmosphere. In the latter case, the friction with molecules The atmosphere is so intense that cense The Things in that fall no details protectionto avoid material reaching the surface, at least in the case of crumbs slimmer. From time to time , Things more big they can ‘Overcoming‘in part’ come back inas happened to an item connected to the Chinese space station a few years ago: fortunately, they end up in most cases for freegiven the large size percentage to Surface subordinate oceans on our planet.”

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at 80 years of space explorationas former president Asi says, has recorded “One person was hit by shrapnel“fallen from outer space. So the danger is here on earth minimumbut In orbit what is the situation? The number of fragments thatsurroundOur planet until far away Average: “In orbits minimum – says Battiston – we have around 4450 operational satellitesbut about the same time 34 thousand objects more big to 10 cmAnd the 900 thousand between 1 and 10 cm and more than 100 million to crumbs more kids from U.S Centimeter. Regardless of the sizeloseHowever, we must consider that all of these things are transmitted from 7 to 9 kilometers per second (from 7,000 to 9,000 meters every second). To provide a scale, I Lead subordinate arms From shooting In the air they travel to Much lower speedsabout the two kilometers per second“.

In case collisionBattiston points out: “These crumbs They have a lot of energy dig whatever Satellites. there space station international Protected by several layers of Materials who – which crash ban me Produced fragments in the end collisionbut if the portions are too large the whole structure Come Move out of its orbit to avoid collisionAnd the same thing happens to me More satellites ExpensiveAs it can be easily understood, due to the large number of parts in orbit, it is a file big issuewhich is necessary experts to monitor continuously in thousands And the in thousands to Things. At the moment – says former president Asi – we are talking about it 1 or 2 shifts per orbit per year about the case and some Satellites. But the numbers are there growth“.

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So the question is urgent: “Space can be used to its great potential Only if it is possible without riskthe need to continuously move the most important satellites out of their orbits requires a big job and one very important account. at the moment The debate about how to deal with this garbage is very intense. also in the University to Trentoto me  Department, Departments to PhysicsWe are conducting research to investigate how a file is used laserit is possible to move these things towards orbitals Cemetery or a verse AtmosphereRight now, as far as Presence to Satellites at outer space The Rules I a littlesays the professor, and in the case of accidents It is not clear who it is the responsibility.

“there Regulation – continues Battiston – who expects, After a few years of activityback Atmospheric satellites or convert to orbit Cemetery But at this rate, with the arrival of, say, the huge constellation of Elon MuskThe presence of satellites is increasing Much faster than their destruction rate. Let’s say this is a problem on the agenda of all space agencies: one full space to debris not benefit to no oneIn recent years, to prove that you have Technology to build surface-to-space missilesAnd the China And the India blew them up Satellites unusedCreate in thousands to crumbs at this moment orbiting around our planet. “Recently too Russia – explains the professor-ha destroyed a Its satellitecreate something A cloud of debris is directly in orbit of the station international space and put safety subordinate astronauts on board”.

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between Problems happened because of excessive Presence to Material at orbitingBattiston concludes that there is also relativity for light pollution: “Satellite reflects light Solar energy at dawn and all sunset. We often talk about the intensity of light that escapes the human eye, but No to telescopes. Especially when it becomes a lot, it can cause satellite big annoyance at Notes From a land: For this social communication international subordinate Astronomy scientists Asked X . space to adjust External finishing Their own Satelliteswhich makes it more opaque And the less reflective. There is no one at the moment Al-Qaeda who protects astronomical observation: in cities night sky It is already Practically invisible But now, even in the most remote places where the most powerful telescopes are, there is a danger of a spillover new And the Different young man to light pollution“.