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BIG BROTHER VIP 2021 ELIMINATED, Cards Report / Biagio out, Barù without patterns, Basciano ...

BIG BROTHER VIP 2021 ELIMINATED, Cards Report / Biagio out, Barù without patterns, Basciano …

Big Brother 2021 cards report: Alessandro Bacciano, is that all?

The last episode of Big Brother VIP 2021 closed with Exclusion of Biagio Danieli e Alessandro Bacciano, Barro, Eva Grimaldi and Federica Calm in the nomination. Sure, the new folks pay to get in a reality show in progress, so the little time they spend indoors, on the other hand, must be admitted to the fact that Barù has been targeted by girls, but generally for a while is ‘everything’. maybe even why barrow (VOTE 7) She’s a unique character, certainly hyper on some occasions, but never vulgar, as when Mirjana Trevisan mentioned or jokes about Manuel Portuzzo’s heartbreak for Aldo Montano.

Instead, they are under attack Eva Grimaldi and Federica Calm (Vote 5 for both), while Alessandro Bacciano (Vote 5.5) He immediately cut up his space, which is too bad because the image of himself he risks proposing is always the same, that of the suitor, while perhaps it is appropriate to show himself really for what he is, if only that… (adjective by Silvana Palazzo)

The Mirana-D’Anelli Couple Headed Up Their Horrifying Nightmare Alex Belli… bar

the Big Brother Vip 2021 Live Broadcast Still in the spirit of Christmas. However, the introductory clips highlight the blues music of Christmas Katia Ricciarelli (Vote 7) who definitely shows his most humane face even when he finds himself embracing the little boy again Ciuffy (Vote 9 – best of the evening) which definitely stands out for its at-home expression. Instead, this evening’s conductors appear in a simple tone: Alfonso Signorini (Vote 4.5) Try to bite as usual but it can only make you cry Manila Nazarote (SV and many handkerchiefs) that are more inconsistent with those who are left outside, such as Clarissa Selassie (voting 3 for timing) compared to other competitors.

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Commentators, on the other hand, are playing in defense: perhaps many now expect them to be out of the game Sonia Bruganelli (Vote 5) She doesn’t take advantage of being in the ends, as she looks a little less severe than usual. Take advantage of the “bolt” instead Adriana Volpi (Vote 6) Who by virtue of making crockery among those of iron preserves what can be saved and can say things that make sense, and enjoys a frenzy that contrasts with Bruganelli even when it comes to shopping. Mourinhiana mildly in position.

Unsentimental Biagio and emotional Miriana protagonists in Big Brother Vip

What are the most important moments in Big Brother VIP 2021 So, the heroes of Episode Thirty? Definitely the highlight was the elimination of Biagio Danieli (Vote 5), who probably paid for the performance related to denying any courtship, before finding himself kissing a few times Mirjana Trevisan (Vote 4.5) She’s now “less underrated” than her fellow Non è La Rai back then when they were all still Boncompagni girls. Valeria Marini (Vote 7) Instead swear and Embra, first bully the submissive Natalie Caldonazzo (vote 5.5) In a dispute in which he may also be mistaken, he then shows a victory-style dance “I raised the cup in your face” to the stunned Mirjana Trevisan, as she beats Biagio on TV. The one who always stands at home is the good one Geocas Casilla (voting 6.5) Now the uncle of Italy, while Sophie Codejoni e Alessandro Bacciano (Vote 7.5 for both) They make history themselves without caring about other competitors. Smargiassi.

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Big Brother VIP 2021 30th Episode Candidates

The thirtieth episode of the program big brother vip However, he has poison in his tail with the last curtain in between Alex Bailey (voting 6 for insolence) e Soleil (Vote 7 for the ready answer) who is forced to comment on the triangle with Delia and the “Belli variant” which, he says, will be some kind of new virus. “I would gladly save all of thisShe finally told Signorini Foreman’s tonight’s edition in front of Ali at Rumble in the Jungle. Finally the Candidates: New candidates pay the little time they spend at home and get nominated: Alessandro, Baro, Eva and Federica Vulnerable and especially to Barrow, it was a bad night, a bit targeted by the girls of the house and everyone else, except Bruganelli who was probably still thinking about his missed vacation deposit. See you again after the new year.

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