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Here's who will replace him, mindless

Here’s who will replace him, mindless

News published by the weekly Nuovo Tv: 72-year-old Turin, the historical attendee of the dating show for men and women, will be ready to leave.

Amateur news dating show for men and womensounds exciting, to a large part of the audience, as a given: Gemma Galgani72 years old from Turin, a historical presence for the dating show of the program designed and managed by Maria de FilippiYou’ll be ready to leave.

Men and women, Gemma Galgani leaves the show: here’s who will replace her, mindless

To reveal it, in the ultimate, weekly preview New TV According to someone working behind the scenes on the show Mediaset:

“Gemma must be careful. I think he did not understand that the worst competitor is his friend. It is clear to all: Ida Platano offers the same theaters as Gemma, among tears and sighs, as she aims for her place. After all, Galgani is 72 years old, and she will not stay on TV forever.”

More attentive viewers of the show will notice, in recent times, that the dating show of Channel 5 He talks less and less of emotional swings Mrs. Turin. This is because, in addition to the constant repetition of events that perhaps over time can tire aficionados of the dating show, the editorial team and presenter seem to focus on Lady Brescia. Ida PlatanoMoreover, a great friend jewel which follows its dynamics to a large extent.

there plane tree Such as GalganiThrowing himself at the knights, he stays with a handful of flies. And like the Lady of Turin, she keeps a great love in her heart. about jewelAnd the Giorgio Manetti And to get IdaAnd the Ricardo Guanyeri. As if that wasn’t enough, as for Galganialso Ida is a permanent goal Tina Cibulari. In short, all the ingredients are there. Ida will become the new iconic lady of the men’s and women’s salon.

During today’s appointment with men and womenThe plane tree Witnessed the return of her long-time boyfriend Ricardo Guarnieri. As expected, she was overwhelmed with emotion, and she admitted it almost in tears Some love stays forever…”

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