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Here's what this NASA astronaut said after spending nearly a year in space

Here’s what this NASA astronaut said after spending nearly a year in space

Astronaut Mark Vandy Hee spent 355 days in a row in space, setting an all-time record for the United States of America. In fact, the previous record was 340 days and dates back to 2016. What will Mark say after he returns to Earth? Let’s find out together.

Although it’s not an absolute record for space survival, Mark Vande Hei still made it onto Olympus for people who’ve spent the most time in space ever. His last mission, which includes Expedition 64 and 65 on the International Space Stationran from April 09, 2021 to March 30, 2022.

If we do a little arithmetic, it’s 8520 hours, or if you prefer loud numbers 30 million and 672 thousand seconds of life on the International Space Station. Despite the long stay and possible side effects due to space diseasesMark Vande Hei is back healthy and without any particular weakness (not that he’s back in perfect shape, but at least he wasn’t more lost than the astronauts after their long stay in microgravity).

After returning to Earth, A NASA astronaut was bombarded with many questions, especially asking him about his opinion on his new space record. Mark responded to the prolific curiosity of his interlocutors and the whole world in this way: “I am very happy to be back. I wanted to stay another 10 days to complete the year, but the number of days didn’t matter to me during my mission. It’s all about purposeful work and a sense of duty in helping humanity advance“.

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Then Mark Vande Hee concluded his interview this way:I want my 355 days to be remembered as the record that’s broken: I can’t wait for the next person to take something longer, move away further, and explore further.“.

In conclusion, the astronaut admitted that for having endured for a long time in space, in relative isolation, Several times he had to find a way to carve out time for himself between one job and another. A type of meditation and remembrance pause that would allow him not to suffer emotional or mental breakdowns.

His words can make us think a lot: when we think Great trips aheadLet’s hope to Mars And back, the astronauts will have to face even more severe isolation, since there will be no possibility of emergency travel back home. They will be alone, and this can give us an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bhow difficult it is to travel between the stars, which will require the strongest of wills.