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Here’s how to get it back


After the huge success of Flash 120, Iliad ran into a technical problem. The network tends to disappear but there is a trick to get it back.

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He was the undisputed star of the summer of the Iliad, with Flash 120 piqued interest by all mobile users and forced other major competitors to adapt to the more popular promotion. exactly the contrary, The French operator even managed to overcome the atavistic defect From the prohibited offer, allowing even those who were already customers to go to the appropriate campaign launched during the hot season. But once the enthusiasm is gone, there is now an issue that affects many users to deal with.

Reports have been pouring in about some minor annoyances in the data network, which have been flagged as flawed in the past few hours. According to reports from customers, the network is deactivating itself, allowing access to the voice-only plan. practically, If you receive WhatsApp notifications, but also emails, news alerts and any other type of notes, the phone will not be able to display them. A problem noted by the Iliad, but pending the “official” decision, could be circumvented with a simple but effective trick, accessible to all.

The Lost Network Iliad: How to Solve the Problem

It often occurs during the night hours. The operator’s data network disables itself, preventing clients from accessing Internet services. There is nothing wrong with that, as most people sleep during the night, but for various reasons, there are also those who stay awake and may need access to their network to work. Furthermore, The problem can also occur during the day, which makes it more complicated. Initially, the suspicion that there was something wrong with smartphones was widespread, but the development of the annoyance ruled out this hypothesis. However, it did not take long to be able to develop a fast and effective recovery system while the issue was resolved.

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If we encounter the problem, all we have to do is follow the simple instructions, using an Android or iOS device, carelessly. When the data connection fails, it will be necessary to activate the “Airplane” mode for about thirty seconds. Once deactivated, In fact the operator will “commit” itself (in this case the Iliad) to search for the accessible network again, nine out of ten. A little trick that seems to work. Of course, the wait is about the full explanation of the inconvenience: it will be up to the operator who has had the most success in solving the problem and clarifying its nature.


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