Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Here are the potential successors


Ben Wallace says no.

The current Minister of Defense, as well as a former officer in Her Majesty’s Army, was one of the top candidates. But then it was himself who explained: “After careful consideration and after discussions with colleagues and family, I have decided not to apply. I am focused on my current job: keeping this great country safe. I am grateful to the party members who have given me their support.” Ben Wallace, 52, along with Johnson until the end despite the very distant personalities. Although Wallace never supported Brexit, Johnson has built a reputation as a loyalist over the years. In recent months, it has also managed to bolster its image by positioning itself within the circle of Western allies as the guarantor of the hard line against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Rishi Sunak –

Young and bright, Rishi Sunak is also one of the most favorite names in these hours of political turmoil. The ex-Finance Minister i.e. Finance Minister, it was his resignation – along with that of his colleague Sajid Javid – that ignited the crisis that led to Pogo’s farewell. But the 42-year-old Indian-born banker shares with his potential predecessor the stigma of breaching the lockdown as part of the party gate.

Sajid Javid –

After his 2019 bid, when he ran for the leadership of the Conservative Party, and finished fourth, Sajid Javid could try again. Fifty-two years old, Pakistani origins and many important roles behind him, first and foremost the Minister of Health.

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Liz Truss –

Thacher 2000 has been defined by several voices. We’re talking about Liz Truss, the current Secretary of State who has been referred to many times among Johnson’s potential successors at unexpected times. The first Conservative woman to hold this position and second in British history after Margaret Beckett, however, her austerity may hold her back, for some, on her way to Downing Street.

Jeremy Hunt –

Not in first place, but in any case among the eligible candidates according to British bookmakers, there is also the former Foreign and Health Secretary, 55-year-old Jeremy Hunt who challenged Johnson in the 2019 elections to appoint a new prime minister. He was a staunch supporter of Theresa May, to the point that he was called “Theresa in the Pants”.

Tom Tugendhat –

Tom Tugendhat was also a former army officer, never held government positions and is listed among Pogo’s historical opponents. Already in January in an interview with The Times he said he was ready to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party and thus the government, if Johnson was forced to leave because of the party gate.

Michael Gove –

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Michael Gove, 54 and past journalist – was also a columnist for The Times – Gove played a prominent role in Johnson’s government, at least even before the internal crisis erupted within the Conservative Party: the former prime minister has now called for the resignation, and he has been sacked by Johnson himself who described it as a “snake”.

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Nadim Zahawi –

In recent days, Al-Zajawi, 55, of Iraqi Kurdish descent, was appointed Treasury minister after Sinak resigned. He arrived in the UK when he was eleven years old as a refugee. In the past two years, she has managed to cement her image thanks to the work done as an undersecretary for Covid-19 vaccinations.


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