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Latest news of Ukraine.  Blinken to China: Condemnation of Russian aggression

Latest news of Ukraine. Blinken to China: Condemnation of Russian aggression

The Russians advance to the villages of Donetsk from Lugansk

Russian forces are trying to advance from the area Lugansk Towards the first settlements in the Donetsk region: Serhiy, head of the Lugansk Regional Military Administration, writes on Facebook HeidiAccording to Ukrinform. Gaidai notes: “It seems that the occupiers are leading the attack west of Lyschansk, but we are trying to repel the Russian formations across the front line. Attempts to penetrate deep into the vicinity continue along the administrative border. They attack from different directions. When it is inconvenient for them to advance, they create an inferno. Real, and they constantly bombard areas on the horizon. Therefore, the danger reaches everywhere, from Kremena to Popasna. “

Last night, the Russian forces launched eight artillery shells, three mortar shells and nine missile strikes. In the past twenty-four hours, the Russians had achieved “slight success” and continued their offensive west of Lysichansk, continues Gaidai, stressing that “so far we have not noticed any pause in operations, declared by the enemy. The enemy attacks and opens fire on Ukrainian territory with the same intensity as before.” Our soldiers continue to bravely defend themselves.”

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