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Health at risk as temperatures rise: The 6 most common risks and expert tips for protecting yourself

Health at risk as temperatures rise: The 6 most common risks and expert tips for protecting yourself

Elevated temperatures can be a significant risk, especially in the elderly and children. Even those with chronic diseases are at risk. How do you defend yourself?

On these sweltering days, the thermometer in many cities touches – or even exceeds – 40 degrees. The alarm about the dangers associated with excessive heat has been sounded before Italian Society of Environmental Medicine SIMA.

High temperatures are the six most common hazards. Health is in danger. Expert advice – Agorà

Learning to stand up for and protect yourself is essential to avoid this Fainting, collapse, and heart attacks And other negative reactions to excessive heat increasingly. A guide explaining how to do this. head of the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine – Alessandro Miani – Explains his point, highlighting some important aspects to consider.

Six biggest risks

When overheating occurs, this can lead to a change Body temperature regulation system. When there is extreme humidity, the Our body sweat does not evaporate. The body temperature rises and poses serious risks to the brain and vital organs. sensations Such as convulsions, fainting, edema, congestion and dehydrationalways lurking with dire health consequences.

The six dangers that lurk when temperatures are hot – Agorà

When the heat is excessive, the body immediately has reactions He listens. there Italian Society of Environmental Medicine draw attention to You are risks particularly. L’thensolation With symptoms associated with sunstroke. the cramps, Due to sodium loss due to excessive sweating. L’edema, With fluid retention in the lower parts of the body. there Crowdingwhen extremely cold drinks are consumed inside a feverish body. cold sweats And stomach cramps are the first symptoms. there drying, Because of extreme thirst, with reactions like Palpitations, dizziness, hypotension. the sunstrokewhen exposed to the sun without the necessary protection. Headache, nausea, vomiting and dizziness are the most common reactions.

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How to protect yourself from extreme heat

there Italian Society of Environmental Medicine provides valid ones advice To avoid major health risks. First of all, it is basic Avoid exposing yourself to the sun and heat, especially during the hottest hours. Sufficient and natural ventilation environments in which you live. Uses Curtains or blinds To check windows in the hot hours. Close Windows in the hot hours and open in the eveningwith fresh. Uses warm water When showering or bathing.

Drink at least three liters of water a day among the tips to deal with boiling temperatures – Agorà

Drink at least 3 liters of water during the day – Avoid alcohol – and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Uses Sunglasses And Protective sunscreens Even if you leave the house during the hours of greatest solar radiation. Finally, it is very important not to overdo it Exercising outdoors in the hot hours.