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Come with us under the skies of Atacama: download the travel program with information and costs


Itinerary to Atacama Under the World’s Darkest Skies with Daniel Gaspari is available. Here are all the details

The time has come: the long-awaited itinerary to Chile from October 06 to October 19, 2023 is online! The tour leader will be ours Daniel Gaspari Which will lead us to discover the darkest sky in the world, Atacama), as well as explore incredible places on the other side of the world. It will be the so-called “Journey of Life” and a unique opportunity to witness the sky like we’ve never seen it before. Below, you can download the official software with all details and costs. Trip in collaboration with San Donino Travel.

Information and reservations by mail to [email protected]

Download the full itinerary for the Atacama

In a stunning video, Daniel Gasparri shows us how our galaxy can be seen with the naked eye from the darkest desert in the world

The human eye is a formidable tool but it has many limitations, especially at night. He cannot see colors and has a relatively poor sensitivity. Therefore, it happens that astrophotography, even with a few seconds of exposure, shows much more detail than we can see directly. Of course that’s what the universe really looks like, sure It is not the finite and deeply variable that we can observe. Unfortunately, we cannot improve our visual apparatus and often feel the need to understand how stars are actually seen under a dark sky, perhaps that of the Atacama Desert. The following video represents well what can be seen with the naked eye from the world’s darkest and most transparent night sky. Central regions our galaxy They are so bright that they generate shadows and reflections!

I captured the Milky Way under the sky of the Atacama

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