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Headache, only by sleeping in this position can you get immediate benefits

Headache, only by sleeping in this position can you get immediate benefits

The position you sleep in is not a detail that can be left to chance, especially for those who suffer from headaches.

Headache is one of the most annoying and exhausting disorders that a person can suffer from: anyone who suffers from it, especially if it is in a chronic form, knows this well. Especially at night, when the mind and body should be resting, but instead of getting a good night's sleep, they fall prey to insomnia. However, there is a sleeping position that can help solve the problem: the doctor's word.

By adopting a few simple lifestyle changes, you can sleep better and say goodbye to headaches (

In some cases, it's the small details that can make a big difference. By adopting some simple changes in your lifestyle, especially in your sleep routine, You can sleep better To face a new day with the necessary energy and motivation. Read and take note.

Headache, the solution to combat it is to sleep this way

According to what some experts reported on the website Health summaryLying on your back or side is the best option for those who suffer from headaches. The trick is Do not force the back area too much And the neck. But sleeping on your stomach will only make the situation worse. “It can cause headaches, as the back is arched.”Dr. Maryam Adegoke explains. In this position, you will end up turning your head to the left or right to breathe, which puts your neck in an awkward position.

The position you can sleep in to avoid headaches
Lying on your back or side is the best way to sleep if you suffer from a headache (

You should also be careful about Keep the room dark More generally, a peaceful environment. Also avoid eating large meals before bed, caffeine and alcohol: all of these factors can negatively affect the predisposition to headaches. Even James Lenhardt, the sleep expert he consulted Tech RadarShe recommends starting to think about how and where you sleep. To that end, he recommends three very simple changes to help you rest better.

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1. Always try to sleep in an “upright” position. It is ideal for making the most of your rest time to regain strength, and avoiding twisted positions that cause stress in the spine. lying down “In an upright position, your muscles can relax and enjoy a good rest.”.

2. Choose a firmer mattress. “We should look for the perfect combination between comfort and firmness of the mattress.”says the expert. When this is too soft, we are forced to make unnecessary efforts and subject our body to constant stress.

3. Pay attention to your pillow. He chooses “The firmer pillow prevents your head from twisting at night.” And avoid “pressure on the spine”. It is also important that the pillow fits the individual's head “Keep your balance instead of bending up or down.”.