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“He offered me a date with his gay friends.”  Revelations about Hillary Clinton

“He offered me a date with his gay friends.” Revelations about Hillary Clinton

An unusual background, strange at least, is that which is recounted by a Welsh government minister Jeremy Miles And who sees the hero Hillary Clinton. No political disagreements, no exchange of opinions, none of that. In the middle of an event, perhaps to highlight his support for the rainbow world, Miles – openly gay – is asked by the former US Secretary of State if he would like to go on a blind date with some of his friends.

Hillary Clinton’s unusual proposal

The episode takes place in 2019, during a visit to Swansea University in Wales. In her public address, Clinton referred to the rights of the world LGBT The current Head of Education and the Welsh Language thanked her sincerely, explaining that he was the first Welsh government official to come out. “She asked me if I had a partner, by which time I was celibate again: she kindly offered to introduce me to some of her friends, including a world leader whose name I will not name.”rebuild miles into mics BBC Radio Wales. The Welsh minister was particularly surprised by the former First Lady’s proposal, but politely declined.

Miles between exit and inclusion in schools

During the dialogue with the broadcast, Miles then focused on his journey toward full awareness and acceptance of his own sexual identity, even Out. “I went to bed praying to wake up not gay anymore”His story: “I knew I was different. And when I became a teenager, I had a much stronger sense of being gay, but it wasn’t talked about at all in school.”. Same with family:“When I came to them, it was very painful.”.

Joining the Labor Party at the age of 16, Miles from the Minister for Education set himself the goal of making school inclusive, noting that the Welsh Government is currently working “a Guide To support schools, support trans youth and the wider school community” which he hopes will be published by the end of the year. But soon Miles could make another qualitative leap in his political career: according to more than one expert, he may be a candidate to succeed Prime Minister Mark Drakeford, who has already announced that he will resign before the next elections, scheduled for May 2026. If he is nominated and won, he will become the first president Ministers from Wales gay history.

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