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They noticed a strange thing on the ice, an incredible vision: what was there

They noticed a strange thing on the ice, an incredible vision: what was there

Something strange on the ice, here is the story of this amazing spectacle. Let’s see what it is.

They notice something on the ice –

A truly incredible vision. It is no coincidence that the virus has spread all over the planet. It is about a truly amazing animal, which left speechless to all witnesses of this amazing story. Let’s find out together where this happened and what an amazing animal it is.

Something strange on the ice, an incredible vision

They were on a normal flight, when they noticed it Strange thing on the ice. And it was an incredibly beautiful and adorable animal. We are near the Uppsala glacier and the animal in question is a puma.

It was recognized by a group of 80 tourists who were on a cruise ship. The boat would take the guests on a trip to Lago Argentino in Santa Cruz, near El Calafate.

The captain of the Maria Turquesa, Pablo Mazzi, tells us about this. The captain explained that the voyage began at nine in the morning, and the return was expected in the next eight hours. At about 1.15pm they had reached an iceberg on the Uppsala Glacier, when all the passengers noticed something walking alone on the ice.

Strange thing on ice –

All eighty passengers immediately realized that it was about to happen Cougar. Once aware of this presence, the captain decided to bring the boat closer, less than 50 meters away, in order to capture the moment with video and photos. Which in fact was taken up by major news agencies and spread all over the world.

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Lone cougar on the ice

Captain Mazzei later explains that it was the first time he had seen a puma walking on an iceberg. He explains that in order to obtain such a meeting, incredible luck is needed, because in a matter of seconds such a fast animal can disappear from sight and already be somewhere else.

In this case it was a really small miracle. Mazzi also revealed that he travels these routes at least three times a week. But spotting a cougar walking on an iceberg is very rare. How rare they cross over on land, as they are very solitary animals and tend to avoid human contact.

Cougars also avoid snow and icehe repeats Los Glaciares National Park. According to the establishments, the animal could have reached this area on its own, as it is a good swimmer, and therefore they have reason to believe that it has already returned to the coast without any problems.

Known as the Puma Concolor, this elegant cat is very reminiscent of a huge domestic cat. The name comes from the Quechua language, although many also call it a cougar. In some ancient cultures, such as the Aztecs or the Mayans, this animal is considered sacred. It was in danger of extinction in the past, due to poaching, but it is still alive today thanks to cross-breeding between different subspecies, although the change in habitat makes it difficult to survive.

Nowadays it can be traced in different regions of Argentina, Bolivia, Florida and Peru, because here it is easy to find areas rich in vegetation, but also different spaces with rocks to hide in.

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Uppsala glacier –

This particular specimen was seen in the area upsala glacier, A huge valley with many glaciers that belong to Los Glacriares National Park in Argentina. The name Upsala owes to the Swedish university of the same name, which was the first to conduct geological research in this region.

extends to one An area of ​​870 km. It can be considered the second largest of such complexes in South America, the largest of which is the Pio XI glacier. Its roofs can reach 60 to 80 meters in height.