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A wave of landings in Lampedusa: nearly 1,300 migrants arrived in 24 hours

A wave of landings in Lampedusa: nearly 1,300 migrants arrived in 24 hours

After days of rough weather, the A landings resumed Lampedusa. In the last 24 migrants, more than 1,200 migrants have arrived on the island, having set sail from Tunisia and Libya. To be precise, these are 32 boats carrying a total of 1,275 immigrants Of alleged origin from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Senegal, Liberia, Benin, Syria and Gambia. They claim that they sailed from Kerkennah, Sfax, Gabes and Teblaba in Tunisia and that only a handful of these boats reached Zuwara in Libya.

According to practice, all people who were disembarked were taken to the hotspot of the island where it was possible to overcome 1800 contemporary attendance. Transfers were hurried from the morning, because the day was supposed to be very busy. Four hundred people were forced to board the ferry to Porto Empedocle in the morning. The work of the prefecture and the police has been uninterrupted in recent days, almost 24 hours a day, precisely because, with the improvement of sea conditions, a strong resurgence in the landings on the island was to be expected.

The goal was to free up the structure as much as possible with continuous relocations, with the focal point as empty as possible to allow entry for newcomers. But in the face of these numbers, it is very complicated to have more outgoing flow than incoming flow, so the number of people hosted inevitably tends to go up. Today, with line phrases, between morning and evening, they were 600 to leave the island. Yesterday, 1,100 people were transported.

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We are sick and tired of hearing and reading about Lampedusa hotspots falling apart. Thanks to the efforts of the police and prefectural leadership, the hotspot is not suffering. It’s busy, but tidy. there R red crossHe manages to manage the situation, while the police carry out identifications and the pictures With very loud rhythms and in order, exhausting more than a thousand arrivals per dayAgrigento Police Station told us. Much of the credit goes to the new labor organization, which has made it possible to speed up bureaucratic processes compared to the past. new waves To land at the same intensity as today, if not more significant, but working in a hotspot doesn’t seem to be hitting any snags or slowing down. The teams of the State Police take turns identifying the arrivals and, on the other hand, the groups are organized to depart from the island towards the other structures located throughout the peninsula.